Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before And After
Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery – Altered Her Appearance

Nicki Minaj is a talented artist with loads of versatility in her art. Besides a rapper and a popular singer, she is also an actress and a song writer. She has a number of hits on her credits such as, Starships, Super Bass; Pound the alarm and many others. There is another reason for the fame of the celebrity and that is her unique looks, style and her stage performance. One thing which has not been confirmed by the famous star is Nicki Minaj plastic surgery. Though the rumors of surgeries were in the air but Nicki did not speak anything herself. She always used to express that she has not altered anything on her face but she skipped to mention about rest of the body.

Nicki Minaj Surgical Interventions

Surgical procedures have become a normal phenomenon all over the world especially for the people related to film industry. Plastic surgeries are made to improve the natural features and other body parts but sometimes it get bad results or even become a disaster. If you are surprised that did Nicki Minaj get plastic surgery the possible reply will be yes. Despite confirming her surgeries she always used to tell that she has never done anything with her face. If we observe the photos of Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery the difference will be noticed within a second. Nicki Minaj possible surgical interventions are as follow:

Nicki Minaj Photos Although Nicki Minaj has claimed a number of times that her face is free from plastic but it does not seems true as there is huge difference of her nose. It can be concluded easily that Nicki Minaj nose job is a successful procedure. Before the plastic surgery her nose was not much aligned but now after the intervention she has a straight nose that also looks good on her face; in this regard her nose job is a success.

Nicki Minaj breast implants is another fact the celeb use to hide from public. But the implants are obvious as her breast size is not the same as it used to be. Now the breasts are bigger and even more round but not looks normal and natural.

Gretchen Rossi has also been suspected for plastic surgery due to her changed looks. The difference is obvious from before and after pictures of the celeb. From the obvious difference in the appearance the following surgical procedures are doubted:

  • Lip surgery _ her lips have become more fuller than beforeNicki Minaj photos
  • Eye surgery _ on her left she has droopy eyelids
  • Nose job _ now she has a thin nose after surgery

Nicki Minaj butt implant is nothing to hide or not to tell because the butts are not natural looking and the surgical intervention is vivid. In her teenage her butt was small which has now grown to unreliable size.

Now days plastic surgeries are very common as well as done in short time period. As the procedure, recovery is also very fast. One thing that should always be kept in mind is the selection of expert surgeon. The selection of right surgeon guarantees the right procedure that could be wished by the client. Another issue occurs with excessive interventions. Such changings always give a bad impression with unnatural looks. When we see Nicki Minaj before and after surgery photos, many clear differences could be observe but as a good look it perfectly suit Nicki and she is also satisfied with it.

Nicki Minaj MeasurementsThe Unnatural Style Of Nicki Minaj

Nicki is very much popular because of her unnatural and different styles. She is dressed so colorfully and loves yellow, blue and pink. She used to make her fans shocked with her unusual and stunning combinations. She is also a dedicated artist and has won many awards. She expressed that she does not mind what people say about her large butts. She wished to remain in limelight for a long period of time.

Nicki Minaj Body Statistics :

Measurement : 35 – 28 – 45

Bra size : 32 c

Height : 5’2”

Weight : 62 kg

Eye color : brown

Hair color : multi (use wigs)