Nas Net Worth

Nas Net Worth
How much is
Nas worth:

  • Name: Nasier bin Olu Dara Jones.
  • Occupation: Rap Artist, Actor
  • Net Worth: $17 Million
  • Marital Status: Divorced – Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Nas Net Worth – How Much The Rapper Has Earned After 12 Successful Albums

Nas Pictures Rapper Nas has been a staple point in the world of Hip-Hop close to its very conception. He is a veteran of the music industry, and an innovator of lyrical content. Let’s have a look at this musical icon carrier to know how much is Nas net worth. Well, from his humble beginnings as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, rapper Nas net worth has now accumulated as $17 Million. Net worth of Nas is more than Rob Kardashian net worth, which is $2.74 million but it less than rapper Lil Kim net worth, her net worth is $18 million.

Nas’s Early Life And His Musical Career

Nas was born to a Jazz musician father and a mother who worked at the Postal Service on September 14, 1973. As a child he was introduced to the Hip-Hop world by a neighbor in Queens, who played him early 1980’s albums by popular rap artists of the time. After dropping out of school in the 8th grade, Nas formed a bond with his neighbour and enlisted him to be his DJ and musical partner. After cycling a few names, he finally settled on his rap alias “Nasty Nas.” Through his teenage years he would frequent the studio where notable rapper Rakim was laying tracks. Whenever the recording booth was free, he would record some of his own material, finding his way as a lyricist. It was not until he featured on 1991’s “Live at the Barbeque” by Main Source that he came into the spotlight. In 1994, Nas had released his debut album “Illmatic” much to audience and critical acclaim. It detailed the harrowing life of the ghetto in a relatable and highly articulate way sparking relatively instantaneous fame for the 21 year old. Since then he has released 12 albums with a 13th set for release in the coming year. Rapper Nas net worth has increased after selling over 25 million records worldwide.

He was also engaged in a quarrel with rapper Jay-Z. He also released an album in collaboration with Damian Marley, a reggae artist in the year 2010. Later all the royalties he earned from this album were donated to charity for African people.

He has also used his acting talents in a number of film and TV shows since 1998, including popular American TV crime show, Hawaii Five-0.

Notable Awards And Accolades

Nas has seen a great deal of praise over the years for his contribution to the rap industry. He has been nominated 13 times at the Grammy awards, 6 times at the MTV Music awards and won the 2006 “I Am Hip Hop Icon” award, at the BET Hip Hop awards for his incredibly prosperous career so far.

Most Popular Albums

Nas Photos You must be left wondering, what albums would be best to introduce myself to the music of Nas? Whilst his career is expansive, there are a few particular albums that stand out.
Illimatic (1994)
I Am (1999)
Nastradamus (1999)
Hip Hop is Dead (2006)

Which album or song of Rapper Nas do you love to play in the party?

Nas’s Personal Relationships

Nas Photos Nas has had a number of relationships over the years. In 1994 he had a child with his first fiancé Carmen Bryan, a girl named Destiny. Since their untimely divorce he briefly dated pop singer Mary J. Blige, before a 2 year relationship with Kelis, who he later married. Nas then had his second child with Kelis in 2009, but shortly after the two divorced. He is currently divorced and working on his newest album, titled “Season of Nasir.”

Nas’ Business Ventures

Nas Body Statistics MeasurementsNas has also step as a investor and businessman into a magazine publishing business ‘Mass Appeal Magazine’ in 2013. He is serving as an associate publisher of the Magazine.Later in the same year, he announced through a social media website that he will be starting his retail business of Sneakers. He is currently venturing with 3 to 4 companies. What do you think, should Nas needs to invest money in other businesses or he should focus on his music to increase his net worth?