Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

mickey rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery – Worse Scenario Of Plastic Surgery İn Hollywood

The Hollywood celebs need to be very stylish and pretty, that includes the men, too. Mickey Rourke looks pretty amazing with his look but apparently that is not enough for him. He wanted to be regarded as that flawless actor with promising career. So he decided to acquire that from the cosmetic surgery. Indeed, he looks more appealing. He was and is lovable but what went wrong?

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mickey Rourke Pictures For Mickey, you can see the difference from the previous photos to the recent pictures. The signs can be viewed even from the distant. Now, he is far from handsome in fact he is a bit scary.

Here are some of the lists of Mickey Rourke plastic surgery

  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eye Lift

Surgeries done on Mickey Rourke have been a debate since everyone is guessing what could have been done to his face. His nose has been broken so that rhinoplasty is for that recovery purposes. But what about his other parts of body? His chin? Sadly, the surgeries made him addicted. It results in scars that can be seen today.

Mickey Rourke Before And After Plastic Surgery Difference

Mickey Rourke Photos Poor Mickey that he had to face the fact his look is not that gorgeous anymore. It destroys his appearance because the mending wasn’t right. He gets addicted on the messy thing because the surgeries have made things go really wrong.

The celebs have undergone facelift may not have the same results. However, the case of Mickey, he made things worse because all the frowns are gone but that is too perfect until they become quite stiff to see. At his age, he must have shown wrinkles but it doesn’t appear. No sagging or signs of ageing. Could that be the help of make up? Don’t think so.

The eyes area shows no wrinkles. In Mickey’s case, he removes the bags pretty successful. Now he gets sharper eye look after the surgeries. Mickey Rourke was a boxer so he openly admitted that the cosmetic surgeries were supposed to mend the damages. But in the end, you know what it did to his body.

His Own Opinion On The Plastic Surgery

Definitely, when everyone sees his flaws, that’s not to mend the broken nose or cheekbone. It is completely different today when you see his face few years back then. It was victoriously handsome. He also underwent lip surgeries to improve the shape. Mickey rourke before and after plastic surgery might not work that well on his face.


Mickey Rourke Photos Mickey Rourke plastic surgery is one example of unsuccessful under the knife procedure. He must have been spoiled with that instant make up that he continues to do so. Many surgeons believe that the horrible look could be the sum of loath injections and overloaded botox. Experts think that Mickey should stop being that addicted.

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery was a big failed. He does not look younger or older he looks like a plastic doll. Axl Rose is one of his fellow actor who did successfully on the botox injection. Mickey’s face look freezing without the signs of human wrinkles whatsoever. It could be working when he could put a brake on how many times he would have it. A bad procedure is one example to take precautions before deciding to put something in your face.

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Many other male celebs who did plastic surgeries and went wrong are Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson. You could see how awful they look like due to the disaster.

Mickey Rourke  Body Statistics :

  • mickey rourke MeasurementsHeight : 5′ 11″
  • Weight : 190 lbs
  • Shoe Size : 12′
  • Hair Color : Brown – Dark
  • Eye Color : hazel