Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery – Changed Her Appearance Completely

The fact is, today’s world is very modern, and this is the era of great inventions and the Internet. Almost every person on this planet is using Internet daily, which is why there are many celebrities that became famous thanks to it. That was the case with Michelle Phan, because she is known for her make-up tutorial videos she presented on YouTube. This girl is 27 years old, and she was born in Boston Massachusetts. She is considered as a very talented young woman, and she is in a way a beauty guru. With her advices and techniques, many girls all around the world discovered various ways to apply make-up and improve their looks. She has the army of fans who are following her on social networks, waiting for some new video to come up. Her main moto is that ladies are beautiful with or without make-up. For her, make-up is the way to create miracles, and to change things daily. She truly is an artist. She also believes in natural beauty of every single person, which is why rumors about Michelle Phan plastic surgery were pretty unexpected.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Procedures

Michelle Phan Pictures Form the moment when rumors about Michelle Phan plastic surgery procedures started, her fans who are following here probably were a bit disappointed with the fact she went under the knife. It is pretty ironic for several reasons. First of all, she believes in the true beauty, and on the other hand, she wanted to change her looks in the way not so natural obviously. She is very young girl, which is why people were pretty shocked why she has decided to undergo the plastic surgery procedures. If you take a look at her videos, especially her photos from several years ago you will notice the difference. Yes, she is a bit older know, but the fact remains the same. Her face is different as before, and that has nothing to do with the fact she is a bit older than before. Her nose seems different, and her chin as well. When it comes to procedures she probably had, those are:

This was pretty shocking, because she is young. However, the trend today is changed. Plastic surgeries are done by women and men, and age is not as important as they were before. Celebrities are trying to look as best as they can, and when they are not able to change their looks in a natural way, they will visit a plastic surgeon. When you look at the Michelle’s face, you will see that her nose bridge is different and smaller, and her chin seems longer.

Rumors About Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Procedures

Michelle Phan Photos When stories about Michelle Phan plastic surgery begun, fans from all over the world were eager to know did she really had them? Simply, people were curious. Fans noticed that her chin definitely is different than before. Michelle said that she never had plastic surgery procedure. She admitted that fillers and Botox were the things she actually done. Plastic surgeon who did all the work make natural changes, and those changes were not too excessive. However, the difference is there. Michelle is not the only young girl who decided to visit a plastic surgeon. Very desirable Megan Fox also decided to have a plastic surgery, and Lindsay Lohan as well. When you are a celebrity, you are trying as best as you can to change the things you are not satisfied with. That is something that Michele wanted too. People are still following her, and she gives excellent advices about make-up, that is for sure. With her tips, you can completely change the way you look. She is extremely talented, and she has more than four million followers on her YouTube channel. There are more than 300 videos about make-up and various styles, which is why this girl is so popular.

Michelle Phan MeasurementsDo you think that Michelle had any plastic surgeries or just fillers and Botox? What is your opinion? Did she ruined her looks, or did she improved it?