Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick Net Worth
How much is
Michael Vick worth :

  • Full Name: Michael Vick
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Football (Nfl)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Michael Vick Net worth – The Fortunes of a Renowned NFL Footballer

The National Football League (NFL) has continued to produce great footballers ever since it was established. Michael Vick is currently one of the top earning players. He’s known to be very popular because of his prowess and style of play. Today, Michael Vick net worth stands at $15 million. He has been able to amass wealth through his exploits in the field of play.

Michael Vick’s Source of Wealth

The National Football League (NFL) remains his major source of wealth. Michael Vick makes millions through her earnings and endorsements in the league. He earns up to $16 million annually as his salary through his team. This account for the current level of his net worth.

Life And NFL Career

Michael Vick PicturesMichael Vick hails from Virginia, USA. He started playing football at a very tender age. He played for the famous Atlanta Falcons for a period of 5 good years. He made quite some cash as a player in the club. He later joined the Philadelphia Eagles as a quarterback. He’s been a great player in the team. He has also amassed great wealth through his NFL career in the Philadelphia Eagles club.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick got involved in an illegal dog fight affair. He landed in jail for two years. At the end of the jail term, he still bounced back to his NFL career in 2009.

Michael Vick net worth kept rising as he continued soaring higher in the Philadelphia Eagles team.  He signed NFL contracts worth millions of dollars through the club. Aside from the Eagles teams, Michael Vick also signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Athletes team.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick got involved in debts and shoddy deals which nearly destroyed his career and image. He had to spend up to 90% of his income on lawyers and taxes in order to redeem his dwindling image. Nevertheless, he still amassed great wealth since he was able to continue with his professional football career in the NFL.

Michael Vick’s Relationship And Assets

Michael Vick PhotosJust like Kevin Garnett, Roger Federer, and other celebrities in the sports industry, Michael Vick had his own marital story to tell. He met his heartthrob, Kijafa Frank as a player. Both later got married. Ever since their marriage, they are still living together and having real funa.

When it comes to assets, the famous NFL footballer is not lagging behind. Michael Vick home in Atlanta worth millions of dollars. He also has a house in Surry County. However, some of his houses have been slated for auction in order to clear the huge debts hanging on the neck of the famous football star.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick cars are numerous. He rides quite a number of top brand cars. The famous Philadelphia Eagles quarterback recently created a stunning website that showcases his cars.

In all, the famous NFL player is not relenting despite the challenges facing his reputation in the media.   His net worth is still on the increase. He looks forward to a better future in NFL.Michael Vick Photos