Michael Richards Net Worth

Michael Richards Net Worth
How much is Michael Richards worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Anthony Richards
  • Net Worth: $45 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Writer and Television Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Michael Richards Net Worth – The Highest Paid Actor Of The World?

Description: Michael Richards net worth is $45 million and he has made such mount of money with his positivity and unmatched talent. This article deals with Michael Richards, his early life and how he came to stardom.

Michael Richards Net Worth Began With His Early Days

Michael Richards PicturesHe shot to fame with the character of Kramer in Seinfeld which was loved by American audience instantly. Post Seinfeld he had a problem with his career. He started doing stand-up comedy in night clubs all over the country. A sad incident where he lost his temper and made racist comments got him negative publicity which ruined his career totally. His first WIFE is Cathleen Lyons the family therapist with whom he has a daughter. After divorce in 1933, he lives with WIFE Beth Skipp and son Antonio Baz.

Actor and comedian Michael Richards was born in California to mother Phyllis who worked as a medical records librarian and William Richards who worked as an electrical engineer. Post schooling in Thousand Oaks he went to California Institute for the Arts, and graduated with a BA degree in Drama called as The Evergreen State College in then year 1975.Thus, having a good base in dramatics we can very well say Michael Richards net worth began with his early days.

He was very lucky to get a big break in the year 1979 with Billy Crystal’s first TV special. He was very well accepted as a stand up comedian and actor. He started featuring regularly in ABC’s Fridays television show and many other popular American sitcoms like Mike Myers and Miranda Cosgrove.

Michael Richards Net Worth Increased With Seinfield

Michael Richards PhotosJerry Seinfeld’s quirky next-door neighbour act for 9 years got his all the recognition and accolades. During this time, he even won three Emmy awards. How did it all start? In the year 1989 he auditioned for a new series of sitcom Seinfeld – made a great impression right away and was hired for the job. He worked very hard on it for 9 long years and made the character of Kramer hilarious, believable and real, creating history in television media. In the year 1998 it was at top in the Nielsen ratings. Most appreciated for hilarious and dramatic entrances throughout the series, he was a comic character with unkempt hair and happy go lucky personality loved by all. He actually put in so much of his own thought into the character and made it come alive the dialogue writer Larry David started consulting him to perceive the character better. That is how Michael Richards net worth increased with Seinfeld and created history in American television and gave millions a great happy fun time.

Post Seinfeld Richards started working with NBC for a new series in 2000. It was known as The Michael Richards Show which is a comedy-mystery. It was a novel concept and Richards was seen as a blundering private investigator. He received co-writer and co-producer credits for the same. It did not pick up with the audience and was cancelled just after 7 episodes.

Michael Richards Net Worth Diminished Due To His Racist Behavior

Jerry Seinfeld’s After Seinfeld he had a cult following and was a star is his own right. But as everything has another side to it, he was so well known as Kramer nothing else was accepted in its lieu. He now started doing stand-up comedy in nightclubs across the country. In 2006 he got national prominence but for a wrong cause. In an unfortunate encounter with a black member audience who was interrupting in his comedy show, he lost his temper and made ugly racist remarks. He called the black man nigger repeatedly shooting cuss words on him. Too much for an interruption, he did not realise that this scandal will cause a great loss to his well known reputation. His language was inappropriate and displayed a lot of frustration and unhappiness. Michael Richards net worth diminished due to his racist behaviour, to his utmost shock a recording of this went viral on the internet. His already stagnant career got a huge blow.