Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan Net Worth
How much is Michael Jordan worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Bakari Jordan
  • Net Worth: $1 Billion
  • Occupation: Basketball player, investor
  • Marital Status: Divorced 2002 with Juanita Jordan
  • Ethnicity: Black

Michael Jordan Net Worth – The Billionaire Basket Player

Michael Jordan PicturesMichael Jordan’s net worth is high already at the billionaire mark. This does not only make him one of the elites in the world but it also gives him a slot in the list of billionaires on earth.  He is a former basketball player and he is also a seasoned business player, as the net worth figure clearly shows.  Furthermore, he boasts of major shareholding in Charlotte Bobcats.  He used to play for Chicago Bulls, before he retired. Here he earned $93 million salary during his career as a basketball player. What is the real net worth Michael Jordan? The best way to understand, the worth of this great player is by analyzing all his ventures.

Sources Of Michael Jordan Wealth

Playing For Chicago Bulls And Rewards

To start with, his role in the NBA as a player earned him money in salary and some more in awards. By the time, he was leaving; he had gathered a few rewards among them 5- NBA Most Valuable Player, 14- NBA-All Star and 6-NBA champion.  All the aforementioned rewards came with attached prize money which accumulated his wealth.

Endorsement Deals

Michael Jordan PhotosMost of his wealth is derived from endorsement deals. He has a major one with NIKE.  Before he signed the deal, Michael, had not worn Nike shoe.  All his life he kept hoping that Adidas would enter into a deal with him but NIKE’s offer was awesome and irresistible.  When the Air Jordan Shoe was launched, it led to some misunderstandings, with allegations that they had violated the regulations of the league. Fortunately, Nike paid the charges and took advantage of the controversy to build more awareness on the project. The Air Jordan footwear hit the stores with a boom in 1985 and within two months, more than a million shoes had been sold. Within a year the shoe line, had generated about $100 million for the company. Up to date, Air Jordan Shoes take the lion’s share of all basketball shoe sales and within a year they generate revenue of $2.5 billion.

He was also able to increase his shareholding in Charlotte Bobcats up to 80%. This means more income under his name.  His deal with Nike was very lucrative and has been the major source of money for Michael Jordan.  That aside, he has also entered into business deals with other businesses including Coca Cola, McDonalds and Gatorade. He also acted in his own movie alongside Bugs Bunny. All his endorsements combined, he is said to earn about $80 to $100 million yearly. Of all these money, approximately $60 million comes from Nike.

His Rise To A Billionaire

How much is Michael Jordan Worth? In 2014, there were reports that he had increased his shares in Charlotte Bobcats from 80% to 89.5%. Earlier on, he had bought the gigantic stake from the founder of BET Robert Johnson for $175 million. Today, Michael’s stake in the company stands at $416 million. When this is added to his whopping $600 million, it becomes a billion dollars.

Private Jet

Michael Jordan PhotosHe is the proud owner of private jet retailing at $50 million. The jet is one of the most luxurious assets that Jordan has garnered so far and a mark of his wealth.  It is his shuttle to short distances from and to his houses all over the world. Its performance, speed and the interiors are unmatched. It shows his taste.

In some time back, Michael Jordan house was online ready for sale. It was being sold for $21 million. The beautiful and carefully decorated living areas are situated at Holiday Park.  It features a sophisticated modern basketball pitch and several rooms. The interiors of the house have contemporary designs and the exterior living spaces are classy. The pool, outdoor furniture and anything about the house is a sight to behold.

Michael Jordan net worth can be more and not less than a billion. His endorsement deals with companies such as Coca Cola, Nike and Gatorade, are one of the main reasons why Jordan will stay moneyed for a life time. He has also built other businesses for himself and now because he is a retired basketball player, he has more time to himself for investing. Unfortunately, Michael was divorced and from that time apart from the usual rumors, he has not engaged with another woman. Michael Jordan’s former wife Juanita Jordan was paid off with about $167 million. All the same, the billionaire has no excuse of not to enjoying his hard earned h wealth.

Michael Jordan Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 36-12-40Michael Jordan Body Statistics Measurements
  • Height: 98 m
  • Weight: 215 pounds
  • Shoe Size:
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark brown