Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After
Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery – Was Always Something To Be Concerned About By Many Critics

Looking at the pictures of Jackson before the Michael Jackson plastic surgery, someone can remark the difference that took place over time.  He was born as one of 9 children and their father called him Big Nose. He was born as any other normal child and he was surrounded by people who were famous and he started to sing when he was only five. At 11, he was already a super star while at 13 he went solo. By the age of 14, his first album became a hit. However, during this time, none knew that he may be addicted to the surgeries as it happened after sometime.

In 1984, he got his first job done on her nose to narrow it. However because of the changes that were apparent, people commented on it saying that he was not happy with his African-American look and he wanted a noise that looks more as of white.  However with the surgery, she continued to be the same and people loved him even more because of the infectious and big smile while he continued to be grateful and humble to his fans. He was getting one deal after the deal and most of his songs where breaking the records.

When the Michael Jackson before and after plastic surgery pictures are put together, it shows that he had to undergo another surgery by 1985 when he had narrowed his noise to be even smaller and he had a permanent tattoo on his eyeliner.  He started also to use the lipstick.

By 1987, Michael Jackson changed everything about him. His nose had to be done again and he sued the person who was not able to do a successful surgery.  His skin also turned from a being bronze and she become totally white. During this period, he said that he had to change the skin because he was suffering from vitiligo a condition that made his skin to have white patches. However, it started to speculate also that he was taking women hormones so that he does not lose his voice while preventing him from getting beard or other men’s hair. People started a joke that he looked more like white woman compared to the black man he was born.

In 1991, Jackson had another job done on his nose, he got a new color for his lips and he looked a copy cat of his sister Latoya. However, he only agreed to have undergone only the nose job and nothing else.  He got also a squared jawline and new eyebrows.

In the 1993, he looked completely different with a pink color. His nose was said to have died because of too many surgeries and he had to get a prosthesis tip for his nose. During this period, he had also been charged of the child molestation and together with what was considered as self mutilation, many companies had to cancel their contracts but the public did not care and they continued to worship him.

Michael Jackson Photos In 1997, none was defending him anymore and it looked as if he is going insane. He had a new chin implant, his face looked as it was stretched out and the nose was not pointing towards the north anymore. He also changed the color of his lips again. In 1999, he got a new nose job, the cheeks looked smaller and he had a new chin. In 2000, he had a longer jaw and his eyes were pulled tight and he started to look more oriental while his smile became more like the one of the lizards.

2001, Jackson was no longer himself, he had a wrecked face and he was not putting up any makeup. At the same time he had also a fake nose tip while the scars he had to undergo were apparent. In 2004, he got a really nose thanks to Dr Werner and he looked more human again.

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