Michael Buffer Net Worth

Michael Buffer Net Worth
How much is Michael Buffer worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Buffer
  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Occupation: Ring announcer, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married to Christine Buffer
  • Ethnicity: White

Michael Buffer Net Worth – How Affluent Is The Popular Ring Announcer?

Michael Buffer net worth is estimated to be around 400 million dollars. This is not a surprising figure for a guy who has investments spanning to all the corners of America and overseas.  He is popular as all time, boxing announcer. Over the years, he had the mandate of handling the most awaited moment, that of announcing the winner as well as ushering in the wrestlers. He is best known for his phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”, which has become a signature in all occasions. Surprisingly, the phrase has brought fame and riches to him.

Michael Buffer Career Life

To start with, he was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1944. He is the stepbrother to Bruce Buffer another renowned ring announcer. Before he became a ring announcer, he took other jobs. Actually, Michael Buffer once sold cars. When he was 32 years old, he went into modeling and stayed there for more than five years. It is after this that he became a boxing announcer.  All the other jobs, added to his net worth but their earnings cannot be compared to what he got from being the announcer at the ring.

Michael Buffer Pictures

He began his career at the Top Rank promotions by Bob Arum, which were ran on ESPN.  A few years later, he became the top ring announcer for the World Championship Wrestling. The events featured some of the world’s most celebrated wrestlers including Hulk Hogan. Besides announcing at the events of boxing and wrestling, he has also worked as an announcer for other occasions such as the NFL Playoff Games, World Series, NBA Championships and Stanley Cup Finals.

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When he was a ring announcer, he came up with the phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”. It gained a lot of publicity and Michael decided to take advantage of the situation. He licensed it and those who wanted to use it, had to pay. In one deal, Buffer bagged $100 million, that Midway Company, which deals with video game paid to them to use the phrase. It would interest you to know that Buffer gets between 25000 to 100000 dollars, just for mentioning his phrase. In some occasions, he garnered a million dollars just for mentioning the phrase. Aside, for every fight, he is said to earn $5 million.

Michael Buffer Life Away From The Boxing Ring

Michael’s first marriage came when he was just 21 years. Unfortunately, it could not last and they divorced after seven years. From this marital union, he had two sons. He remarried in 1999 but divorced in 2003. Four years later, he married his third wife, whom they are together even today. Michael Buffer wife is called Christine, who she proposed to when he had made a guest appearance at “The Tonight Show” in 2007.

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You now have an idea how Michael Buffer has made his money.