Method Man Net Worth

Method Man Net Worth
How much is
Method Man worth:

  • Full Name: Clifford Smith
  • Net Worth: $28 Million
  • Occupation: rapper, record and movie producer, actor, songwriter, film score composer, screen writer and voice actor.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity:African American

Method Man Net Worth – Successful Artist And A Very Responsible Father

How Much Is Method Man Net Worth? – Approximately $28 Million!!!

Method Man is a many of many talents. As a master of music skills and with brief touch with the film industry, he reached a lot and became one of the wealthiest musical hopes. Method Man net worth is estimated around $28 Millions.

Method Man Net Worth – Beginnings – From Sparkle To The Fire Flame

Method Man PicturesMethod Man was born on March 2nd, 1971 in Richmond, New York City, United States of America. His real name is Clifford Smith, but he took his stage name from the old movie ‘’Method Man’’.

Estimated net worth of Method Man is approximately $28 millions. It is no wonder since he has a lot of jobs in musical industry, as well as in the movie and film industry.

Method Man has proved itself as a true man of many talents. He is simply everywhere – he is a well-succeeded rapper, record and movie producer and an actor, but also he is a songwriter, film score composer, screenwriter and voice actor.

As a favorite idol for many teenagers and a bit older fans, it is important to mention that Method Man is (unfortunately) married since 2001. Now, he and his wives are proud parents of two boys and a girl.

Method Man Net Worth And His Music And Actor Career

The story started in Wu-Tang Clan back in 1992. Young Method Man has its solo and proved to everyone that he is young but worth of any attention. As a part of Wu-Tang Clan, he won first Grammy Award. He was part of many music tours with famous rappers – Jay-Z, Redman, Ja Rule, DMX etc…the guest on the albums were Missy Elliot, P Diddy…Method Man Photos

In the same time, while Wu-Tang was part of hip-hop crème, Method Man knew he could do more. He started to record his solo albums and duet with Redman.

Method Man won another Grammy thanks to duet with Mary J. Blige ‘’I’ll Be There for You’’.

As an actor, Method Man was present in many movies and television sitcoms. He actually acted in 47 roles.

Method Man Net Worth Ensures Perfect Life – Living Happily Ever After

Method Man PhotosMethod Man is a successful artist who has it all. He is rich, famous, important man with a great family background. His family currently lives in the Staten Island, New York in the great house. Method Man’s car – Mercedes 2003 SL 55 AMG is one of the most luxurious Mercedes models. One of his favorite brands (besides Mercedes) is Nike. As an origin looking rapper, he wears comfortable clothes and shoes from the Nike.

Method Man is more than just a regular rapper. He has a strong personality and he is also known by its numerous tattoos. Hip hop is soul music, and tattoos are the great way to express the inner condition. Recently, Method Man has made another one – the coolest tattoo ever. Method Man’s ‘’Life/Death’’ tattoo is made that you can read word ‘’Life’’ reading normally and another word ‘’Death’’ if you read backward. Many rappers do this; let us just remember Tupac and its famous ‘’Thug Life’’ tattoo.

There is only one shadow in the Method Man’s life – it is his legal problem with marijuana charges and tax violation. However, that happen a long time ago, and now – since 2010. Method Man lives a normal, even calm life. But, from the other side, it is not strange for celebrities or rappers to have these small troubles – the news are full of them – recently rapper Nelly was also charged on marijuana.

Method Man Net Worth – Money Isn’t Everything: Rapper, Actor, But Above All – A Father

Once asked about his recent and calm family life, Method Man responded that he is now a father and he does not want for his kids to have problems. He is no more high because of them, he has become responsible father, loving husband and yet – successful artist.