Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After
Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery – How Far Did She Go?

Melissa Rivers has been a renowned TV Presenter and actress. She’s known for her stunning appearances on various TV programs. In the recent times, Melissa Rivers plastic surgery has come to the fore. One good thing about her case is that she admitted going through plastic surgery. She must have done that for a particular purpose.

Possible Kinds Of Plastic Surgery She Underwent

Melissa Rivers had series of plastic surgery just like Meagan Good, Mary Matalin and many other female celebrities. She’s alleged to have gone through cheek augmentation. This is very clear from her current looks. She also had a nose job that changed the shape of her nose. Right now, her nose looks pointed and slim.

Melissa Rivers Pictures

Melissa also had Botox Injections and Facelift. This actually changed her facial appearance by every standard. She’s also believed to have done facial filler and lip augmentation. She did all of these just to enhance her physical appearance.

Her Reasons For Going Through Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers is in her late 40s. Age is dawning on her. She must have noticed signs of aging and wrinkles on her face. She doesn’t want to be classified among old female celebrities. She still wants to look pretty and young. This must have been her reasons for going through series of plastic surgery.

Experts’ View On Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers PhotosExperts are of the view that Melissa Rivers plastic surgery really favored her. A look at her current photos reveals more about this. She’s looking prettier than before. Her face looks smooth and babyish these days. There are no more wrinkles on her forehead.

Again, Melissa Rivers cheek augmentation makes her face look sharp the more. Her cheeks are looking cute than before. Her nose job also adds more to her beauty. She’s having a better shaped nose this time.

Furthermore, experts believe Melissa did something about her eyebrows. She must have had brow-lift.  Her eyebrows are looking well shaped.

So far, many of her fans believe she’s looking better after going through the plastic surgery. Others believe she has changed completely. For the other group, she’s looking quite unusual and weird.

Melissa Rivers’ Position On The Matter

Melissa actually denied the rumors about her plastic surgery case at the initial stages. She refuted all claims about the issue. But later on, she came out again to admit she actually did plastic surgery.  She did this when the evidence about the series of plastic surgery became so much clear.

Melissa Rivers Photos

In any case, it’s very clear that Melissa Rivers plastic surgery is no longer at the level of gossip or rumor. The famous TV presenter has finally agreed with the gossipers. She gives a nod to the claims of plastic surgery attributed to her. She’s not retiring yet in her career. She’s currently set to record more feats.