Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Net Worth
How much is
Melissa Rivers worth :

  • Full Name: Melissa Rivers
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Television Producer, Presenter
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Melissa Rivers Net Worth – How Fortune enriched the Famous TV Presenter

Before now, Melissa Rivers net worth stood at $8million. But all of a sudden, the figure skyrocketed to $150. This did not come by chance. The famous TV presenter hit a fortune. Her mum Joan Rivers who was also a renowned celebrity passed on recently leaving everything behind. Melissa inherited everything including her mum’s multi-million dollar estate. That’s why her net worth now stands at $150 million.

Melissa Rivers’ Source of Wealth

Despite the fact that she inherited lots of fortune from her mum, Melissa Rivers is still a renowned celebrity. She hit millions as a TV presenter. She is well known across the US as a famous TV host and actress. She hosted several red carpet TV events alongside her late mother. She makes millions of money through TV shows and presentations.Melissa Rivers Pictures

Career Life and Relationship

Melissa Rivers started her professional career as journalist and actress. She made quite some money through the profession. Later on, she entered in TV hosting and presentations. She’s known all over the US for her exploits in hosting red carpet events.  This opened great doors of fortune for her.

While her mother was still alive, Melissa hosted several red carpets events with her. Both of them appeared on the popular TV Guide Channel and E! Network. Melissa appeared in popular TV shows such as “Silk Stalkings”, “Beverly Hills”, “The Comeback”, and a lot more.  She performs as an actress in many of the shows.

Melissa is well known for her role on “E! Television”. She served an entertainment reporter on the network. She also hosted several show series on YouTube. She has a great time interviewing many celebrities through her TV channel. The famous presenter also hosted shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Who wants to be a Millionaire”

When it comes to relationship, Melissa has a story to tell just like Leann Rimes and other female celebrities. Melissa Rivers’s boyfriend and lover, John Endicott showed up along the line. He’s a renowned horse trainer. After some years of friendship, they eventually tied the knots in 1988 in a multi-million wedding ceremony that attracted great personalities and celebrities. In any case, the marriage hit the rocks in 2003.  It ended in divorce.

Melissa Rivers’ Assets

Fortune smiled on Melissa when her mother Joan Rivers passed on. She inherited everything and her net worth skyrocketed to $150 million. She inherited her mother’s estate worth millions of dollars.

Melissa now swims in millions of dollars just like Tyra Banks and many other TV presenters. Aside from being a proud owner of multi-million dollar estate, she still owns houses and rides the best of cars like every other celebrity.Melissa Rivers Photos

In all, Melissa Rivers net worth is still on the rise. Despite the fortune, she inherited from her mother’s demise, she still remains a force to reckon with in the American showbiz industry. The future holds a lot for the famous TV producer.