Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Has Become A Hot Topic Since She Is A Star

Megan fox before and after plastic surgery images brought a wave of surprise and revealed that she had done some corrections with her body. Transformer was a great hit of Megan Fox that showed her brilliant performance. Megan is a beauty since her start in Hollywood, but there are some changed facial features that spoke louder than the celeb herself. It has been viewed that Megan might have some Botox injections in order to redefine her area of forehead and to make skin look more soft, smooth and even younger, keeping in view that she just touched 30s.

Megan Fox photosIt is true that life under hot sun of Hollywood as well as unforgiving cameras may show any flaw vivid and she definitely wished to avoid all this. Her looks have been awesome and that depicts the intervention of some cosmetic procedure. Her lips are also giving quite sexy and plump looks. This question is justified to be thrown to readers i.e. is this enhanced beauty just a trick of makeup?

Similarly, Wendy Williams openly confessed about her boob job. She revealed it happened in the year 2009 when she done the procedure of implant after the birth of her baby boy. It was also been the part of news that she has made tattoos at her tummy and the reason behind it is to cover the marks of liposuction that have been left on her skin during the surgery. This issue did not meet any conclusion but one thing is very clear that Windy has several cosmetic surgeries after the birth of her child. The clear difference regarding her breast size is simple to judge after seeing the pictures of before and after.

Did Megan Fox Have Plastic Surgeries Even She Has Perfect Looks?

Megan Fox after plastic surgery pictures clearly shows that she has done a plastic surgery procedure on her nose. This nose job which is medically called rhinoplasty has given her a wonderful look. As now a days her nose has become very sharp, pointed and defined. This defined nose has very much correspondence with her defined cheeks. These changes on her face have made her even more attractive with interesting features.

Megan Fox Photos Looks of Megan Fox after plastic surgery have undoubtedly surprised everyone. Looks are truly amazing and interesting that show the perfection of the procedure. Megan has never been a supporter of unnatural fake looks with incredibly large sizes. That is why she has good measurements that look so natural. Now she possesses an amazing asset of fantastic features and whole body even after the birth of her two sons in a short period of time.

Megan carries a model like figure. She always used to be in the efforts to maintain her body that would be fit for the action films. Action films always require more power and strength so she has to remain involve in making her body charming as well as ready for action films. Megan managed to come back in her routine regarding movies shortly after giving birth to her second child.

Is Megan Fox Boobs Job Sure?

Megan Fox boob job has doubts and no one is sure about that. Megan is not only beautiful but also fit and young. In her latest photos the volume and size of her boobs are not much changed as compare to older one. That could be due to her push-up bra that her cleavage looks so sexy these days. Now if it is even boob job, very little enhancement is done as they look very natural. So it is clear that she has made a moderate change i.e. only one cup size. She is against the plastic surgery and favors natural looks.

Megan Fox Measurements

Megan Fox Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 32-23-33
  • Bra size : 30 B
  • Height : 5’4”
  • Weight : 115lbs
  • Shoe size : 7
  • Dress size : 0
  • Hair color : dark brown
  • Eye color : blue