Matt Groening Net Worth

Matt Groening Net Worth
How much is Matt Groening worth:

  • Full Name: Matthew Abram More Known As Matt Groening
  • Net Worth: $500 Million
  • Occupation: Screenwriter, Cartoonist And Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Matt Groening Net Worth – This Cartoonist Is The Real Richie Rich

Matt Groening Net Worth And His Unique Creative Bent Of Mind

Post a bad stretch of non-creative pursuits he got the opportunity to create his first comic strip “Life in hell”. Among his invaluable works “The Simpsons” became a daily household name and shot him to instant fame. His wit and satire around middle class American family through easy believable characters became extremely popular in US primetime TV. It runs in 20 languages over 30 countries for 20 long years and enjoys steady viewership. He is a great inspiration to cartoonists all over the world.

Creative geniuses are born, not made. Matt Groening is definitely one such. Matthew Abram more commonly known as Matt Groening is an American screenwriter, cartoonist and producer. Matt Groening’s net worth and his unique creative bent of mind are quite complimentary to each other.

If you are having trouble recollecting the name, some examples of his works may give you a quick recall. His famous cartoon – ‘Simpsons’ became a household name around the world. It is also the most popular running television series, and animated series in US primetime which makes it the longest one in history. It has roughly aired over 490 episodes in 23 seasons. It enjoys a huge fanfare and loyal viewership. His net worth would be about a whopping 500$ approx. Among the numerous awards and accolades he bagged it would be noteworthy to mention of twelve Primetime most prestigious Emmy Awards for his creation, two for Futurama and ten for amazing series of Simpsons.

 Matt Groening Net Worth And His Early Career

Matt Groening PicturesHe was born in Portland, Oregon in 1954. His father Homer Groening was a respected documentary filmmaker. He is one among 5 siblings who definitely influenced his life and made way through various characters in his cartoon strips. He did not like school much which made him take a keen fascination for drawing. Matt Groening’s net worth and his early career started which started after a long struggle with non creative pursuits.

In 1978 he started with his first cartoon strip called “Life in hell” professionally in a progressive magazine named – ‘Wet Magazine’. This caught the attention of the famous director and producer James L. Brooks. He threw a proposal to work for an animated series based on characters of ‘Life in Hell’ for the Fox variety for the The Tracey Ullman Show. But Matt was scared he would lose ownership rights over this and created a new series called “The Simpsons” claiming his legendary status similar to Matt Leblanc and Matthew Perry.

Matt Groening Net Worth And His Popular Works

Let us look at some of Matt Groening net worth and his popular works briefly.

The first one was “Life in hell” which was a self published book of comics indirectly inspired by in Walter Kaufmann’s book “How to go to Hell”. He almost became an instant hit with the masses and this was thus enlisted among his popular works.Matt Groening Photos

He caught an attention of James L Brooks. Thus also came to life the most popular show in cartoon strip as well as animated series “The Simpsons”. It portrayed some characters from his family depicting sibling rivalry.  His satire through the cartoons and depiction of middleclass mentality won the masses.

He created another animated series for the Fox network the Futurama. It was canceled after running a while. However, it was revived in later years and also got an Emma award for Outstanding Animated Program in the process.

Matt Groening Net Worth And His Personal Life

Matt Groening PhotosIn 1986, he tied the knot with Deborah Caplan wife and has two sons Homer and Abe from her, both of who he portrayed through two rabbits in the series ‘Life in Hell’. Let us peek through Matt Groening net worth and his Personal Life.

He got divorced in 1999 and married artist Agustina Picasso post a brief courtship of 4 years.

He has made it big and is rumored to have picked up a new MATT GROENING MANSION in Santa Monica, California for $11.7 million.