Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After
Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery – And The Result Of The Procedures

Hollywood celebs like Madonna and Jane Fonda might look exaggerating when it comes to plastic surgeries. But the thing is that Hollywood never did limit those enthusiasts. The faster the better to remove those wrinkles. Like Cher, Marlo Thomas also does several procedures to make her face look ever younger. She refused to take the hard way so she went to the easiest way that is botox and fillers and facelifts. If you notice, Marlo has a totally different face before and after the plastic surgeries. The TV star started with botox injections – the first level of artificial enhancer that every celeb usually takes.

Marlo Thomas Pictures The star has been doing it since long ago. At her 77 years of age, she attemps to pull off a great face with fresh look. The ever young golden globe award winner has received praises as well as negative comments about her cosmetic procedures. Looking at her smile, it seems that she reshape her lips wrongly. Her lips are too wide.

The sitcom queen also did boob job. The cleavage looks visible today than before. This is due to the breast augmentation that she did. She made them look heavier and fuller but it seems to be overly done. Marlo really got the balls to transform her look into a different personality. It changes her confident level you can bet. The surgical treatment however, is overdosed. Many fans criticize her face today because it is resulting from the improper plastic surgery.

Marlo Thomas And Her Cosmetic Procedures

Marlo Thomas Photos Marlo Thomas also transform her eye brow shapes. She did the lift to change how she looks. Her face becomes artificial since it does not really suit her. There is a huge different between her old and new pictures. It is like an artificial queen and who knows who she is competing against? The tighter the skin, the more satisfied she is. She tries to be attractive and it is a common reason to obtain a plastic surgery.

Marlo Thomas is not the only victim of plastic surgery. She refuses to show her ageing signs so she did what she could to remove all of them. It is a part of her career boost somehow. Apparently she inspires other women to look the same. And age is not just a number for her.

The ageing signs show no remorse apparently because in the end, it shows bit by bit and that is why they continue to cover them up with the painful procedures under the knife.

The Flaws Of Cosmetic Procedures

You can quickly notice how a cosmetic procedure could fail. It is written all over their face. For instance, the cat lady Marlo Thomas photosJocelyn Wildenstein looks really awful with that fortune she spent under the knife.

Marlo’s nose job also resulted in narrower nose bridge. The rhinoplasty apparently works for her because it looks a totally different but much better. However, experts describe her face as an unnatural expression. It did not fit her face well enough because it seems a bit disastrous to have reshaped your lips and lift up your eyebrows like Marlo did. It is no longer looking attractive and apparently Marlo did not accept any opinions from others. The facelift procedure have perhaps gone too far.

However, Marlo Thomas keeps striving as a star. Her career is rising and not even fall a bit. After decades of career, her flawless beauty has to be hit by the knife. It is a pity that Marlo spent her fortune on surgery table. Lucky enough she did not end up like Michael Jackson’s face.

What do you think about Marlo Thomas plastic surgery? Has she gone too far with it or is it better for her?

Marlo Thomas Body Statistics :

  • Marlo Thomas MeasurementsBra size : 36 C
  • Height : 5’5″ (164 cm)
  • Weight : 127 lbs (57 kg)
  • Shoe Size : 8
  • Dress size : 2
  • Hair Color : brunette
  • Eye Color : brown