Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before And After
Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery – Is No Longer Speculation But A Confirmed Fact  

The Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery was a subject of many speculations for a long period and the only reasons behind the speculation was because of her beauty and because of different ways she looked in before and after pictures. The records about this star have now been given to the public and it is not a fact that he had to undergo the surgery while she was during her transition to become a blond bombshell from being just Norma Jean Baker.  

Marilyn Monroe Pictures The documents are dated in 1962 and it was only before one week for her 36 birthday and only two months before she died. The x-rays are under the name of Joan Newman which was the name she was using during the surgeries. These files shows that she had a surgery to address her chin deformity and some x-ray show  that he had a small fracture at the nose and this confirms  the rumors that he had to undergo the rhinoplasty when she started with her career. Some records also list this famous star as Marilyn Miller since it is believed that she was once married to Arthur Miller who was a playwright in the Death of Salesman.

Monroe was always considered as a perfect person with the perfect curves because she had 5.6inch with 115 pounds.  None ever confirmed that Monroe had a surgery and it was only the speculation about it and some say that she did not have it while others say that she had it. However, some say that it was hard to find such natural beauty in the natural way. When the x-ray that show Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery before and after, were put at the market, some people contacted the seller from different places including Australia, England and Ireland.

Marilyn Monroe PhotosThese files are meant to confirm the rumors that were speculating said that she had a surgery but there was no confirmation about this. Many people now consider Monroe among the first people who went under the knife even before it becamee the norm in the Hollywood.  These files are expected to be sold for over than 30,000 thousands and they are expected to be sold in the Auction House in the Beverly Hills.

The surgeon that Monroe had seen for the first the first times is Dr Michael Gurdin and he said that the reason behind her complaint was about the deformity of her chin. There are the details that she had a cartilage implant procedure within her chin during the year 1950s but it begun to dissolve after sometime.

The people who are expert in the matters of surgery said that the implant procedure was done together with the rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose and this procedure had to involve only the nose of Monroe alone.

Marilyn Monroe Photos The last record on the Marilyn Monroe nose job was done in 1962, June, date  7 where she said she fell down and  she suffered the swelling on the nose and there was six  x-rays that show her teeth and nasal bones and the fracture that she suffered.  Monroe died within two months after the records of her last surgery because of an overdose of the barbiturates when she was only 36 years old.

Other records show that she had also suffered neutropenia which is an abnormal low number of the white cells and she could not fight off the infection. She had also suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 1957 while in New York.

The files are being put on the market by Leaf who was a medical partner of Gurdin who was believed to work on this sex icon. The proceedings that will come from the sales will be given to the US veterans who needs to do a reconstructive surgery after  injuries and which may not be covered under  the government benefits.

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