Marilyn Monroe Measurements

Marilyn Monroe Measurements
The Real Size Of Marilyn Monroe And The Facts About The Body Structure Of This Charming Actress

Maximum people across the world know who Marilyn Monroe was and how charming she was. She was a charming American actress, model and singer. She had become the heart of whole audience, when she performed on in USA. She was found dead in 1962, but because of her wonderful and attractive personality she has become a great reason of discussion. People mostly talk about the measurement of Marilyn Monroe. Hence, there is not any perfect proof is available for the measurements of this lady, but still there are few facts, which I want to share with you concerning Marilyn Monroe measurements.

Marilyn Monroe Pictures What Research Says About Marilyn Monroe Measurements?

Hollywood world is famous for spreading gossips and stories about many celebrities. It has also spread many news concerning Marilyn Monroe. Main rumors about Marilyn Munroe say that her size was 12-16. Well no one knows the fact behind such rumors, but still many claims for such facts. To unveil the truth behind such facts, some researchers have studied and they have come on some results about Marilyn Monroe body measurements. Here we are going to share those results with you and we will also give you the perfect estimation about Marilyn Monroe’s body measurement.

Bra Size Of Marilyn Monroe :

First I would like to unveil that what was Marilyn Monroe bra size? Hence I said above, there actually no one knows the real body measurement of Marilyn Monroe, but some of her dresses helps researchers to find the actual size of her body. Whole the dresses of Marilyn Monroe are cautiously stored and they are capable of providing us the right measurement of this lady. According to her dresses researchers have got that her bra size was 36D. While people have observed that body weight was not constant in her whole career. It was fluctuating and that’s why exact Marilyn Monroe bra size is not possible to say.  

Body Weight Of Marilyn Monroe :

As I said above, the body weight of Marilyn Monroe was fluctuating throughout her whole career. Is starting she was looking a slimy girl and after some time she was looking quite healthy. But Marilyn Monroe had preciously maintained her body shape and that’s why people were crazy about the real beauty of this actress. By the way Marilyn Monroe had suffered from huge depression in her life that’s why her weight was not constant. According to her dress designers, her weight was around 118 Lbs, but some Hollywood rumors say that till her whole career Marilyn Monroe weight was among 115-120 Lbs and it was never constant.

Cup Size Of Marilyn Monroe :

Well it is also really very difficult to estimate that what was the real cup size of Marilyn Monroe, but her bra size and body weight helps us in estimating right. According to many people, Marilyn Monroe’s real cup size was D-cup. She was using 36-D bras in her career and many dress designers are also agree with this fact. While, she was died about 60 years before, but still many people search for real cup size of Marilyn Monroe. In Hollywood almost dress designers say that Marilyn Monroe was of D-Cup size because she was using bras of 36. By the way according to her bra size and weight, this size fits best for her cups.

According to whole Marilyn Monroe body measurements, her height was 5.5 inches and she was of 118 lbs. She was very charming actress of that time and her hip size were 35 inches. If you would like to know the perfect estimation about Marilyn Monroe’s waist, then you will find it around 22 inches. This lady was the symbol of charm and millions of people had liked her beauty. Still people talk about Marilyn Monroe measurements because she had an incredible body shape, which helped her in being the queen of many hearts. I have mentioned whole estimations about Marilyn Monroe’s body size. Probably it will help you in judging the real beauty of this lady.    Besides the measurements of Marilyn Monroe, read also measurements of Beyonce.

Do you think that Marilyn Monroe was looking good as she was? Do you think that the measurements of Marilyn Monroe were anything to do with his undying celebrity status?

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Marilyn Monroe Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 36-22-36
  • Bra size : 34D
  • Height : 5.7 feet
  • Weight : 118 lbs
  • Shoe Size : 6
  • Dress size : 4
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Eye Color : Blue