Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before And After
Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery – Music Diva Has Taken Steps To Look Great

Did Mariah Carey Have Plastic Surgery , After All ?

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery is not something we can verify for sure. Her body and face are in a process of change from the beginning of her career, but changes are quite subtle so it is difficult to attribute it to surgery for sure-especially since she has been on the stage for last two decades, so it is only normal to change as years go by. Diva herself has always denied any plastic surgery, stating that she is completely natural and that any change you might notice on her is a result of her continuous work on herself to make her appearance better and more attractive. She always states that she eats healthy and exercises a lot to maintain the best look possible, especially after the pregnancy with her twins.

Mariah Carey definitely looks a lot different than when she just started her music career, as a young and sweet girl. However, we must state that it doesn’t necessary has to bethat her appearance has changed because she has had plastic surgeries. As years go by, we age and people naturally physically change; and Mariah simply had a lot of going on in her private life. More than anything else, she got pregnant with twins, and gained a lot of extra weight during pregnancy. It took a lot of effort to lose all that extra-weight and regain pre-pregnancy body shape. Mariah does look more voluptuous-in every department. Her boobs look bigger and she has rounder cheeks. It could be due to weight gain and loss, but it could also be due to surgery.

Mariah Carey Breast Implants – Fact Or Just A Rumor?

Mariah Carey Photos Mariah Carey boob job could be the cause of her changed, enlarged breasts. It can be true that she simply got bigger boobs during pregnancy, due to hormones, and that her boobs remained bigger while she was breast-feeding her twins. However, her boobs look amazing even after she stopped breast-feeding. Besides the fact that her boobs remained as voluptuous as during pregnancy, they also have amazing round shape; they appear unnaturally firm and this is the reason why we believe that Mariah Carey breast implants are likely option. It must be noted that lot of celebrities don’t choose to breastfeed their kids, in order to maintain best boob shape and firmness. However, since Mariah has chosen to breastfeed her twins, it would be no surprise if her boobs lost perfect form and shape afterwards, when the milk dried. In such situation, women who did breastfeed as her, often go for breast surgery to regain perfect breast shape, just as one they used to have pre-pregnancy. It is simply that, when it comes to boobs it is very hard to achieve improvement and restoration of pre-pregnancy shape and firmness naturally (exercise, diet, whatever), so this is why we do believe that Mariah has had a breast surgery.

What Are Other Possible Surgical Interventions Mariah Carey Might Have Had?

Mariah Carey Photos Mariah Carey has very smooth skin-there is no sign of wrinkles there! Based on this we can guess that along supposed breast augmentation, she also had fillers to cheeks and some botox to smooth out wrinkles in development. We all have facial lines due to daily mimic, and we are sure that even Mariah Carey is not immune to those. So, since she doesn’t have any-we are prone to believe that she has taken measures to erase signs of any wrinkles in development.

Mariah Carey has taken measures to improve her look after pregnancy, just as some other stars have managed to regain their perfect look very fast after the pregnancy, such as Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian.

What do you think about Mariah Carey appearance, did she have plastic surgeries to regain her perfect look after pregnancy with twins, or did she manage do make it all naturally, with proper diet and exercise regimen? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Mariah Carey MeasurementsMariah Carey Body Statistics :

Measurements : 34-24-35

Bra size : 34D

Height : 5′ 9”

Weight : 145 lbs

Shoe Size : 9 1/2

Dress size : 6

Hair Color : brown

Eye Color : brown