Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before And After
Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery – Famous Woman Looks Great In Her 50s

How Come That Maria Shriver Looks So Good In Her 50s?

Maria Shriver Pictures Maria Shriver was born in 1955, which means she is almost 60 years old. Still, she manages to look excellent and very youthful for her age. How does she manage to look this good in late 50s, especially when you think of huge scandal she had to go through because of divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maria has always been in the public eye, because of being part of Kennedy family, and then afterwards, for being married to famous actor-turned politician, who was even a California governor. Maria has managed to remain graceful, elegant and stylish throughout all these years. She was and is a real lady. Now, did she need plastic surgery to remain looking oh-so-ladylike? It is indeed difficult to verify if Maria Shriver plastic surgery is more than just a rumor. Although she looks younger than her actual age, she still has some wrinkles around her lips (smile lines) and around eyes (crow feet).

It is indeed possible that good genetics and determined care for her health and look has had important role in maintaining her good look. Maria has never denied or acknowledged having any plastic surgery, and there were several “on the plate”: face-lifting and botox injections. She has simply left it to journalists to write what they want. As she was a journalist for many years, she knows that there is no good in denying anything-newspapers have to put story on the paper, no matter what anyone will say about it. News sell papers and juicy stories are always the best.

What About Possible Botox Injections And Face-Lifting?

It is rumored that Maria Shriver has applied botox injections and even had face-lifting to look younger than her actual age. When we look at her photos before and after alleged surgery, it is indeed difficult to say anything for sure. She does appear younger, but we are all aware of what good make-up can do for woman’s appearance. On the other side, it also has to be noted that Maria Shriver has gone through several very difficult years. During these years of problems and bitter disappointment, it is only normal to not look your best. The fact that she looks better now after her divorce from Arnie wasfinalized doesn’t have to be connected directly to the plastic surgery. It can simply be because she is more relaxed now after she has closed a difficult chapter of life.

Some people believe that she has had at least few botox injections to smooth out deeper wrinkles, and this is something that can be accepted as possibly true. She indeed has very little wrinkles for her age. But, maybe this is really a result of good genes and healthy lifestyle. Maria has always been the one that wasn’t seen partying hard; she was always a first-class lady and acted like one.

Maria Shriver plastic surgery is really hard to verify, because there are no obvious signs that she has had any. If there were surgical interventions to improve her look, these were botox injections, nothing more. She probably never had face-lifting, because her face looks very natural and her facial mimic is intact. There is nothing worse when plastic surgery disturbs normal facial expression and personal looks like a robot, without any mimic or any expression on face. Luckily, nothing like that has happened to Maria Shriver-she is too smart for such foolish choices.

Maria Shriver’s rumored surgeries have never been verified because her face doesn’t give any definite proof of cosmetic intervention. This can’t be said for plastic surgeries of some celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman where botox has definitely left some bad marks.

Maria Shriver MeasurementsWhat do you think, did Maria Shriver had any plastic surgery or not? Feel free to share your opinion with us.

Maria Shriver Body Statistics :

Measurements : 34-25-35

Bra size : 34B

Height : 5′ 11½”

Weight : 125 lbs

Shoe Size : 9 1/2

Dress size : 8

Hair Color : brown

Eye Color : blue