Madonna Net Worth

Madonna Net Worth
How much is
Madonna worth:

  • Full Name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
  • Net Worth: $800 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman and author
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Madonna Net Worth – The Legend In Female Music

Ascending And Shaking The World Of Entertainment

Madonna had her performance in 1981 and contracted supervisor Camille Barborne of Gotham records to support her vocation in singing who later on demonstrated her how she can emerge. In October 1982, her presentation single “Everyone” hit No.1 which then quickly took after by “Burning up” in March 1983. Her Third Album “Holiday” turned into a hit and motivation behind why the young ladies in the entire world went insane tailing her mild articulation and emulating her activities and melodies.

The spotlight of her amusing profession kept prospering. In 1985, her collection “Like a Virgin” was No. 1 on the Billboard graph and attained to Platinum for simply a month. Besides, she has another No. 1 hit on her soundtrack single “Into the Groove” trailed by her next collection “Crazy for You” that truly shook the diverse world.

In 1996, she became Best Actress for Evita in the Golden Globe Award. Other than this, she got to be the Best Selling female recording artist ever with 300 million records sold perceived by Guinness Books of World records. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) voiced Madonna as the top rated female rock artist of the 20th century and the second smash hit female artist in the United States. Then again, The Beatles beat her on its 1st spot in the Billboard magazine.

She partnered with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in her recent performances and also she starred in one of the James Bond movie series with Pierce Brosnan .

Reaching Her Business Peak

She opened herself into the business world when she established the Madonna Entertainment Company Maverick including Maverick Records in 1992 shared with Time Warner.  She had an agreement with Live Nation for $120 million dollars in 2007.

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Exploring Her Passion In Writing

Madonna marked an agreement with Callaway Arts and Entertainment to write five children’s book.  The first book, “The English Roses”, released in September 2003 about four English scholar girls and their envy and jealousy they feel for each other. It became the fastest-selling children’s book wherein New York Times Best Seller included it in the list.

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Remembering Her Childhood Days

The couple Silvio “Tony” Ciccone and Madonna Fotin felt blessed having Madonna into the world on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan.  Madonna’s family faithfully abided the catholic ways and beliefs.  In addition to this, she always entertains priests and nuns of her catholic school in their house.  An altar in their house serves as an iconography of Catholicism where they prayed together.

Conquering Humps And Hurdles In Her Family

Her family considered the youngest sister on her mother’s womb as the most disasterous piece in the family, with her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer. However, they did not push the treatment since they have to hold up until bringing the infant into the world.  Unfortunately, the disease grown too strong that caused the death of her mother at the age of thirty.  The death of her mother inspired her to aim high and dream.  She stated that losing her mother inspired her to show who she is without insecurities since she did not learn any rules.

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Glancing At Her Private Life

She married Sean Penn while shooting for the album “Like a Virgin” but resulted to a divorce in 1989.  Then the following year, she married Guy Ritchie who was a film director.  Unfortunately, their relationship wound up in a “quickie divorce” on Friday at the Principal Registry of the Family Division in High Holburn, London. They have four youngsters.

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