Macklemore Net Worth

Macklemore Net Worth
How much is Macklemore worth:

  • Full Name: Ben Haggerty
  • Net Worth: $18 Million
  • Occupation: singer, producer
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Macklemore Net Worth – Musician Who Believed İn His Music And Made No Compromise

Who İs Macklemore And How Did He Become Famous?

Macklemore is American rap musician who started creating his rap music while he was still in school. He was born in Seattle as Ben Haggerty, and this is where he lives now with his girlfriend, as well as his associate, Ryan Lewis. He never made compromises when it comes to making music as he wants to make, as his own creative outlet, as he says himself. This is the reason why even now, five years after his big break, he is still independent musician, not connected to any major recording label. Nevertheless, Macklemore net worth is significant and rising.

Macklemore – Life And Career

Macklemore Photos So far, Macklemore has issued 2 albums and 3 EPs, and many of singles from his first album The Heist have been number one on chart lists all over the world. This album was nominated for seven Grammy Awards in 2013 and that was just another proof of its amazing popularity and success. Such popularity is the reason why Macklemore net worth is $18million and raising. It is interesting to mention that he and Ryan Lewis were not always music dynamic duo, as they are now. In fact, Ryan Lewis was first cooperating with Macklemore to create some promotional photos; two clicked so well that very soon they were making music together- and this how greatest hits came to life.

Macklemore Personal Life

Macklemore Photos Macklemore girlfriend Tricia Davis stood by him all along, as two have been together for eight years now. She supported him even when he went to rehab to search professional help for his addiction problems that have been following him for almost a decade. He went into rehab in the summer of 2008 and stay sober for few years, experiencing some addiction problems again in 2011 (but luckily, only for a short period of time). He used this unfortunate period as an inspiration for his hit song “Starting over”. As he says, he wants to stay sober so to stay respected in terms of his professional and personal qualities. Macklemore is obviously interesting personality because he likes to spark some controversy. He was dubbed controversial for quite a few of costumes he wore for some of his performances. However, Macklemore certainly must be considered as a man of integrity as he has never allowed anyone affect his personal idea of what his style is going to be, as quite many performers do-just in order to get to fame as fast as possible. Macklemore’s road to glory wasn’t this fast-he spent several years trying to get financial support to publish his album and to promote it, but with no luck. It is only then that he has turned to classic free iTunes publishing and that he got his big breakthrough.

Macklemore has openly expressed his support for LGBD population in his hit song “Same love”. Besides his support for gay and lesbian issues, he also donated for variety of different humanitarian causes, such as: AIDS, civil rights, children rights, education and environment, for poor and unemployed people, as well as for health and peace.

Macklemore Photos Do you also think that his open and firm support for rights of vulnerable is great? Please feel free to share.

With all this money, Macklemore can invest in humanitarian causes and also spend some bucks on his personal indulgence. This is the reason why he has invested in pimping some classic American car, such as 2008 Cadillac DTS, as well as in buying expensive property in his native Seattle. There is a rumor that he didn’t save money when it comes to purchasing and decorating beautiful property on Capitol Hill, with 3-bedroom, 2-half bathroom divine home.

Macklemore has a great taste for classic American values, just as Seth Rogen and Robert de Niro.

Macklemore Body Statistics:

  • Macklemore Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 10½” 
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Hair Color: auburn
  • Eye Color: blue