Macaulay Culkin Net Worth

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth
How much is Macaulay Culkin worth:

  • Full Name: Macaulay Carson Culkin
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: White

Macaulay Culkin Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 35”chest, 13” biceps, 29” waist
  • Height: 5’7” or 170cm
  • Weight: 79kg or 173 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth – What Is The Worth Of The Home Alone Star

Macaulay Culkin net worth stands at $15 million. He is popularly known for his leading role in Christmas movies and Home Alone. He is one actor, whose inspiration for acting came when he was very young. Actually, at the tender age of four years, he was already taking the stage by storm. He had also gathered many fans both children and adults, from all over the world. It is only natural that you would be concerned about his net worth.  To know what his exact value is or at least get an informed estimate, trailing his life should not hurt.

 How Macaulay Rose To Stardom 

Macaulay Culkin Pictures He was born as a third child to Kit Culkin and Patricia Bentrup. He had other four siblings. He seems to have gotten his acting career from his father’s family since his father was a Broadway actor, whereas his auntie Bonnie featured in several movies. As he grew up, it was not easy for the family. Supporting the large family really strained Kit Culkin and had to bundle them in a small apartment. However, this would change after he became a star as the young kid, all thanks to his family background.

Macaulay Culkin acting career started when he was four years old. His first appearance on stage was at New York Philharmonic.  In the 80s, he had become a famous face on the screen appearing in TV series, theater productions, and movies. However, these roles did attract as much attention as the Home Alone movie, which placed him on a global platform. While this movie gained him popularity throughout the world, he only pocketed $100 thousand. This is quite a package for a kid, but it is incomparable with what came soon after.

How much is Macaulay Culkin worth? My Girl was the next movie, which Macaulay starred and for taking a leading role in the movie, the kid earned $1 million, tenfold what he had gotten from Home Alone. This really jumpstarted Macaulay Culkin net worth. This was just an opening for greater things to come.  In 1992, when he was 12 years, he got a whopping $4.5 million for being the star in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.  Later in 1994, he starred in two other blockbusters namely Getting Even with Dad and Richie Rich. From the duo, he took home $16 million.

After this, he did not act for a few years only to make a comeback in the movie industry in 2000. He took a role in Spectacle, which was being presented at the West End Theatre in London. Three years after, he featured in the movie, Party Monster.  While he had taken other roles as a child, this one become a nightmare for him. He was to act as a killer and drug dealer, characters that his audience, could not have imagined he would play. For this, he received varying opinions from his very fans as well as critics. He continued acting, but his salary has never reached where it used to be when he acted as a kid. Despite this plummet in his income, he still manages a net worth of $15 million.Macaulay Culkin Photos

The media as usual cannot seem to let go of the period that the young actor went away from Hollywood.  Most of them cannot seem to understand why he decided to stay on the cameras, attention, and the invitations to appear on the front page only to come back in 2000.

Personal Life   

Macaulay Culkin Photos Love gone sour is the only way to describe the relationship between Macaulay Culkin and his ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis. He was also married to Rachel Miner from 1998 to 2002. The two married when he was barely 18 years. Currently, he is dating Jordan who is 23 and at the time when Mila Kunis his all time sweetheart was pregnant, he is rumored to have planned to walk down the aisle with her. This only indicates how much he loved her. It is said that, Macaulay Culkin girlfriend Jordan is a look alike for Mila Kunis and maybe this could explain, why he is too into marrying her. We hope it happens fast. Who would not want to see the Home Alone star up and running again?

Macaulay Culkin net worth may not be, as many would expect, especially after the money surges it received when he acted as a kid, but he is doing fine. We can only hope that we will see more of him in movies in the future.