Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller Net Worth
How much is Mac Miller worth:

  • Full Name: Malcolm McCormick
  • Net Worth: $10 million
  • Occupation: rapper
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: American

Mac Miller Net Worth – Let’s Count His Million Dollar Fortune!

Mac Miller Pictures Mac Miller net worth may not be as much as rapper, Jay Z. But this young boy started the gig since very young. Starting off as a member of rap group III Spoken, Mac Miller saw many doors open for his career as a soloist. He then embarked the journey alone in 2011, making his debut album as a rapper, Blue Slide Park.

It was Wiz Khalifa who introduced him to Benjy Grinberg, the CEO of his later record label. He signed a deal with Rostrum Records and released an independent album. That is why this indie rapper is very famous as he is not in the mainstream label. He could be competing with other artists from major labels but he managed to survive. His fortune adds up as he cut the cord with iTunes that took almost 25% of his income.

Mac Miller – The Kid Rapper With Attitude

Mac Miller Photos While you think Drake is cool – earned $25 million at the age of 25 years old; Mac Miller earned his multi million fortune at the age of 22. What’s more, Miller signs a contract with an indie label – it’s hard to compete with major label if you are new and indie. But then, Miller proves them wrong. Miller adds up his fortune by becoming an actor, producer, rapper and more. His impressive income can reach up to $6 million. Thanks to Donald Trump, who Mac Miller mentioned his name in his song, and got sued. It increased his record sale significantly and unbelievably. The lawsuit threat was not a threat at all for Miller.

People begin talking about him with absurd topics covering his personal life from
mac miller girlfriend
to mac miller tattoos. This rapper has multitude amount of tattoos all over his body. Mac Miller ex was also upset by his playing single all the time in public that she decided to post his nude pic in social media. That really was the best revenge. Of course, Miller who casually swears, did not put any attention to it and leave it that way. he prefers to talk about his struggle now that he has long term girlfriend. Let’s hope this is the last one – and at least he doesn’t pretend single. Rumor has it that Miller dated Ariana Grande but that’s only to boost their record sale because nothing was found between the two. They are not close friends nor having romantic relationship.

Mac Miller Photos His controversies are nothing new in the media like how he describes his tattoos and how he loves girls twerkings near his face in his latest music video, Watching Movies. Mac Miller also respect Kanye West as his single was on the top chart. He said that Kanye West deserved it but he said that it is not important who is in the top chart of the week. It’s the next thing that counts.

Mac Miller can’t be compared to Wiz Khalifa whose net worth is more than $20 million. However, Wiiz Khalifa is his best friend so whatever gap of fortune, they are still going out together. But folk like Miller does better when it comes to entertain the youngsters as he has big influence in rap industry.

Miller recorded a single with Ariana Grande back in 2013, which made him more recognizable in the music industry. He remains as the center of attention by collaborating with artists in mainstream labels. His record label definitely owes him for that dope he has.

What Do You Think About Mac Miller?

Mac Miller Body Statistics MeasurementsCan he manage to have a great career if he moves to a major label? What do you think about his interest in ink? How about his career compared to other famous rappers?