Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris Net Worth
How much is Ludacris worth:

  • Full Name: Christopher Brian Bridges
  • Net Worth: $25 million
  • Occupation: singer, actor, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: African American


Ludacris Net Worth – More Than Just Music In The Soul

Ludacris net worth gets an increase this year as he managed to get a hip role in chain movie Fast n Furious. As the mouth of the South, Christopher Brian Bridges was born in Illinois. Ludacris was the most influential rapper of all time. As a southern talent, he signed contract with Def Jam which later on orbiting his name up high.

Ludacris And His Working Fields

To tell the truth, Ludacris does not make huge money from music alone. According to Forbes Magazine, he earned his million dollar fortunes from various fields. He played several roles in big screens like No string Attached, Fast Five and also some other endorsements like Tag Body Spray. He also signed a partnership contract with Soul, quality headphones designed by Ludacris.

It is almost in any situation that the press mentions Ludacris as a rapper when all of his fortune actually comes from other than music. It is estimated that 95% of his money comes from being a successful entrepreneur. Although he is a great rapper, but he really is able to pick the right business at the right time. The hip hopper is known to have ruthless corporations. He refuses to be in mainstream because he knows that his career won’t last forever. “You got to be a chameleon to survive the business”, he once said. Everyone has more than one personalities. For the past decade, he chooses several different fields. Music is one of personality and being a CEO behind great musicians requires you to have different personality. Ludacris said, “You only live once.” it is better to get things done, while you’re still alive. He also announced his cognac brand with headphones in Consumer Electronics Show. His album has sold more than 10 million copies and he has been collaborating with artists from Justin Beiber, Enrique Iglessias and T-Pain. The lucrative trade somehow adds up to his fortune.

Ludacris Photos Life shows no limit to those who try. Ludacris has done many fields and he loves to try new things. His management completely supports his role in several fields and that went pretty good.

At the age of 9, Ludacris has been writing his own songs. He often watched others how they did things, he learned from them. His first album was a massive success while he was still in the college. However, he still thinks that music is not a hundred percent music. It is probably 90% business. Why? Because the experience and stuffs might not get far if you are not a self educated person. Ludacris is a fast pace learner and he loves to learn almost anything to get him where he wants today.

Ludacris never gets satisfied with his achievements. He works so hard for every single piece he has and he keeps on exciting the audience with many things to come.

The Extra Mile With Ludacris Girlfriend

Ludacris Photos Ludacris is often spotted with his girl in luxury places. the Maui holiday turned out to be the initial escape that after that, Ludacris and Eudoxie went on to play wet on the beach. The Gabon rapper enjoyed the time spent in Hawaii as she ride Ludacris’ back. getting tanned with your loved one, never been this perfect. Both of them capture great moments together as they head to Hawaii with private jet. Let’s just hope this romance does not fade too fast!

Ludacris Body Statistics MeasurementsWith all of his fortune, spending it to this beautiful gem won’t hurt that much, don’t you think?

What do you think about Ludacris net worth? What are the businesses he joined so far and how is he compared to Jay Z or Lil Wayne? Both of them are rappers with great amount of fortunes.