Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before And After
Lil Kim Plastic Surgery – Surgeries Are In Vogue Among New York 

How Much Change Has Occurred In Lil Kim Due To Surgical Interventions?

Lil Kim Pictures By looking at the photos of Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery it becomes very clears that she has committed a number of surgical procedure. Unfortunately the surgical interventions have gone wrong that ultimately turned her appearance to worse. The beauty interventions of the celeb have gone bad. Before the plastic surgery Lil Kim was quite pretty and looked sexy and hot. But now the opinion is that she has become scary. Wendy Williams has revealed that Lil Kim and La Toya Jackson have consulted to the same surgeon. It is also proved from their facial features that have strong resemblance. It is particularly true in case of their nose that looks so sharp, pointed and unnatural along with their sharp cheekbones. In addition, there is another close resemblance between Lil Kim and Jackson family surgical interventions and that is the skin tone. Lil Kim has the same lighter skin tone as the Jackson family.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Is The Part Of News Paper These Days

Lil Kim plastic surgery news is the one that amuses many of us in place of her music, albums and singles etc. Lil Kim was active as well as productive artist back in 1990s. She also faced jail in connection with negative drama of her false testimony in the court. She released from jail even with more fame that did not last for long. It has been a view that her surgical procedures might be one of the reasons to fame and all that what she was enjoying before. Actually she needed a breakthrough in her career and took the support of her new modified looks. But in vein as her music is not going so good and her performance is not of the level as in 1990s. According to marketing experts her new look did not complement her. Her publicist stated that every news regarding her surgical intervention is not true. But it is also true that such open changes are because of surgical procedures and not a natural phenomenon. It is also revealed from her pictures of back a decade or more in which she is rather changed from her latest looks especially her facial features.

Rumors about new look of chin of another Korean star are in the air. 2NE1’s Park Bom revealed a little different than natural. The industry of cosmetic surgery never goes without patients from Korea. People in their early teen go and seek the procedures of surgical interventions to gain artificial beauty. Among surgical interventions facial modifications are common including surgeries for beautiful eyelids as well as to narrow the nose bridge.

Lil Kim Photos Lil Kim before plastic surgery pictures depicts that how much change has taken place because of several surgeries. She used to have a very intensive and volatile lifestyle but unfortunately spoiled her features through surgical interventions. The procedures might give some good results if Kim has decided to be in the limits of natural looks with light surgeries. But she opted to go visibly changed that didn’t bring required results. It could be said that Lil Kim has made some bad decisions in her life and no doubt such interventions are one of those. She is looking quite plastic maltreated and unnatural. Her face looks too pale therefore she seems ill. Lil Kim before and after pictures tells that her smile has also changed. She can now hardly smile and it looks so unnatural and scary when she smiles. Her face seems frozen and on the whole she looks like a robot. Today’s Kim is a changed one but not in a positive sense. She is portraying a clear example that what happens when a lot of surgeries are made so that changing the natural appearance of the patient.

Lil Kim MeasurementsLil Kim Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 36- 27-37
  • Bra size : 36 C
  • Height : 4’11”
  • Weight : 120 lbs
  • Shoe size : 7
  • Dress size : n/a
  • Hair color : light brown
  • Eye color : dark brown