Lil Kim Net Worth

Lil Kim Net Worth
How much is Lil Kim worth:

  • Real Name: Kimberly Denise Jones
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Net Worth: $18 Million
  • Ethnicity: African-American

Lil Kim Net Worth – How Much She Has Earned Through Free Style Rapping?

A Glance At Lil Kim’s Life As A Rapper

Lil Kim Pictures Lil Kim is the stage name of Kimberly Denise Jones. Born on 11th July, 1974, she went on to become one of the greatest rappers of all time becoming the highest paid rapper in 2014 (source-people with money) with an income of about $82 million (estimated combined earning). Lil Kim net worth is a whooping $18 million, age doesn’t seem to be a hurdle in the path of the 40 years Kimberly Denise Jones (or Lil Kim). Only 2nd to Messy Elliots, Lil kim is till the only female rapper to have 3 platinum hits. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, she spent her major time of her early years in streets as she was expelled from her home. She rapped in a freestyle fashion which was noticeably induced by Diana Ross. Her freestyle rapping earned him the big spot when she got her first major break of her music career with The Notorious B.I.G. whom she met while struggling in her personal life. She went to Sarah J. hale vocational high school from where she was transferred to Brooklyn college academy as her school work always remained incomplete. It is the same school where rappers like Nas also studied. She is both positively and negatively famous. On one hand she supports awareness for HIV/AIDS patients on the other hand she was sent to jail for possession of marijuana.

Lil Kim Other Businesses

Be it being the face of CANDIE’S or being the reason of the most successful VIVA GLAM campaign topped with logical and reasonable stock investments along with wise endorsements and business decision like opening of restaurants chains and launching her own clothing line named 24/7 Goddess collection, helped her amass this fortune. Comparing her net worth with Rapper Nas, Nas net worth is $17 million whereas Johnny Depp who is well ahead of the two, Johnny Depp net worth is $400 million. Being one of the very few female stars in hardcore rap has its own perks and benefits, and Lil Kim is not an exception. Sitting at the top spot of rappers, The ‘Queen’ seems ageless with multi million dollars in her account.

Plastic Surgery That Changed Lil Kim’s Face

Lil Kim Photos Lil Kim plastic surgery made rounds in media galleries for almost a year. Lil Kim recently had plastic surgery which made her quite unrecognizable in her recent concert ‘Hot 97 Summer Jams’ when she appeared on the stage on 2nd of June 2013 in New Jerseys, Met life stadium. Lil Kim never seems to appreciate anyone talking about her plastic surgery. Her rep got angry when asked about her surgery branding it “fictitious .malicious and despicable”. She herself didn’t like being asked about her surgery by “THEBREAKFAST CLUB” co-host Charlamagne, The God retorting in frenzy “why would you ask me that?”There are so many people who have surgery. You know? So, I don’t know where that question is coming from.”Undergoing plastic surgery has made her face go beyond recognition. She underwent criticism from all sorts of people for her new look. Wendy Williams went on air to criticize her which created a bitter feud between ‘The Queen’ and the talk show host. Do you like Lil Kim’s face after surgery?

Do You Know How Many Boyfriends Lil Kim Have?

Lil Kim Body Statistics MeasurementsLil Kim’s boyfriends make an important an interesting part of Lil Kim’s life. Lil Kim has an avid list of boyfriends which include some listers. Back in her teens she dated Shawn Powell who was later arrested for robbery. The duo continued being in relationship with kim being in touch with the sentenced through letters and short meetings in the jail. Later they got engaged which ended when she met Christopher Wallace on pretext of concentrating on her rap career. She was seen now and then with Wallace until he died in 1997. She also got pregnant with Wallace’s child but she decided not to keep the baby. She again started dating Damion ‘world” Hardy in 2002 which ended in a year reason being physical abuse. She accepted to the Source in 2004 that she is suffering from bloody lips, black eyes, blood clots and that she even underwent an M.R.I scan as a result of beatings she had. She then dated Ray J for a very brief period in 2007.In 2012 she met Bronx Rapper Peoples Hernandez famous by the name “PAPERS”. Initially being in an on and off relationship with him, at present the couple is doing well with a baby girl to celebrate their togetherness named Royal Reign.