Lil Bow Wow Net Worth

Lil Bow Wow Net Worth
How much is Lil Bow Wow worth:

  • Full Name: Shad Gregory Moss
  • Net Worth: $600 Thousand
  • Occupation: Rapper / Singer / Singer / Artist / Record producer / Actor / Television Show Host / Musician / Music artist
  • Marital Status: He is currently single
  • Ethnicity: African American

Lil Bow Wow Body Statistics:

  • Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)
  • Weight: 68 Kgs (150 Lbs)
  • Shoe Size: 6 to 7
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Hazel

How Much İs Lil Bow Wow Net Worth – How Much Really İs The Rapper Cum Singer Worth?

Lil Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss was born in 1987, is an American rapper, singer, actor, and television host. He released his first album titled Beware of Dog when he was just 13 years of age in 2000 as Lil Bow Wow, followed in 2003 by Doggy Bag. His 3rd album “Unleashed” was launched in 2003, the first album he launched without using Lil as part of his name.

He made his first appearance in the movie industry in 2002 through “All About the Benjamins”. Lil Bow Wow made his debut in a lead role in the same year in “Like Mike”. Later he started undertaking several lead roles in movies like Johnson Family Vacation (2004) and in 2005, Roll Bounce. In the movie “The fast and the Furious” (2006), he had a support role. He has also appeared in 5 episodes of Entourage, the television series. He is at the moment working on Underrated, his new album.

The Lil Bow Wow Name

The Lil Bow Wow Net Worth which has been made on both music and movies is closely linked to his unique nickname. The first music album by him titled “Beware of Dog” got released in the year 2000, although his career had began earlier in 1993, when the 6 year old coming star did a performance at a concert where rap legend Snoop Dogg that happened to be included. It was Snoop who bestowed upon Shad Gregory Moss the “Lil Bow Wow” nickname. As the big movie screen, his most recent appearance was as playwright and filmmaker in “Madea’s Big happy Family” by Tyler Perry and on the Show CSI Cyber on CBS TV.Lil Bow Wow Pictures

Is Bow Wow The Rapper Broke?

Lil Bow Wow Photos Although he is currently single, Bow Wow in July of 2011 revealed that with his ex-girlfriend he fathered a child going by name Shai after many months of denying the circulating rumor. Bow Wow girlfriend had filed a child support case and in October 2012 Bow Wow informed the court that he was broke.

Bow Wow at that time claimed he was only earning $4000 monthly being as a Birdman‘s Cash Money records worker, that he was only leasing a jeep plus small and meager $1500 in his bank checking account. Eventually, he was ordered by the court to pay $11,500 for child support in arrears and $3000 monthly henceforth. Soon, it became clear that the Rapper was not doing too well financially as he owed a substantial amount of money to several creditors who even repossessed some of his property and possessions.


Does Bow Wow Really Loves Tattoos

Lil Bow Wow Photos Even as the debate continues about Lil Bow Wow net worth, his tattoos remain a major point of interest. Even though, he got endless tattoos mainly etched on the arms, his most conspicuous piece of tattoo is on his chest. This is read “Prince of the O-Town”, the O-Town in reference to the town of Columbus, Ohio where he grew up.

On Bow Wow’s right arm are things such as a prayer, the praying hands of Jesus, a paw print and a vertically linked line of letters in old English style. Among the various tattoos seen on his left side arm is a prominent clown, depicting the letter “B” plus a money bag..

Around the rest of Bow Wow’s body are scattered works that would include dollar signs, dice with flames, a rose and a spade/heart/diamond/club combo. Other tattoos include his mother’s name and face, a flaming skull, the words, “Boy Wonder” and the phrase “Only God can judge me”. Apparently, it would appear that for now he is heavily invested, so it may be just a matter of a short time before we see him having a full back piece and 2 full sleeves, but can we actually blame him? He loves the ink, color and certainly, as  a rapper, this won’t have his fired from his job. Bow Wow Tattoos are part of his charm.