LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery Before And AfterLeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery Before And After
LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery – To Prevent Eddie Cibrian From Cheating

A Few Words In The Beginning

LeAnn Rimes Pictures LeAnn Rimes, on her real name Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian, was born on August 28, 1982. She is known as an American country and pop singer. She has her debut as a star at an early age, when she was only 13 years old, becoming the youngest country music star of our times, since Tanya Tucker in 1972. LeAnn Rimes has won plenty of awards, which include two Grammys, 12 Billboard Music Awards, three ACMs, one CMA and an American Music Award. What is less known about her is that she also wrote four books: two children’s books and two novels. Also, she had some apparitions in films and TV shows, which include “Holiday in Your Heart”, “Coyote Ugly”, “Nashville Star” and “Northern Lights”. As it was expected, being such a famous celebrity did not only bring her recognition, but also rumors about her. Therefore, one of the rumors is the LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery, which is said that she has done in order to avoid that Eddie Cibrian cheats on her.

The Reason For Plastic Surgery

It has been rumored that LeAnn Rimes is afraid that Eddie Cibrian would leave her or would cheat her, thing that she seems to consider even worse. Some people claimed that in order to ensure that her lover would not cheat on her, she would be able to do anything. And what do you think this “anything” actually means? Well, plastic surgery, of course! People rumored that she used so many plastic surgery procedures that she no longer resembles the beautiful woman she once was. Instead of looking like herself, she is said to begin resembling Brandi Glanville. This is not very surprisingly, though, as LeAnn was also jealous and insecure when it came to Brandi. We all know the reason for her insecurity, as Brandi Granville was Eddie’s wife before LeAnn.

What Were The Procedures?

While many people claim that she no longer looks like she used to, there are also other people who consider that the plastic surgery has done good to LeAnn and she looks better than ever. Here is a list of speculated procedures that she had undergone:

LeAnn Rimes Photos –          Breast implants

–          Botox

–          Facial filler

One of the most visible differences in LeAnn’s appearance are her breasts. Due to the obvious differences, people believe she might have had breast implants. However, there are always people pro and con the rumors, so that this is also the case of LeAnn. Besides people who believe she has had breast implants, there are also some who believe that her bigger breasts are only the result of weight gain. As the celebrity has never confirmed, nor infirmed the rumor, we can only count on the celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures to say whether she has gone under the knife or not. The truth is her bust looks bigger, larger and wider than it used to. Whichever the truth is about this procedure, it was a success, as long as no one can really say whether she had a breast implant or not. This means that her breasts look natural. What do you think about her breasts, are they natural or implants?

According to the rumor of LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery, face is another part that is said she has changed through surgery. Her facial skin looks smooth and glowing, which is the reason why some people believe she has used Botox injections and other facial fillers. Her skin looks toned, tight and flawless, which could only be the result of Botox injections. There were also plastic surgeons who claimed that LeAnn has used Botox injections and facial fillers in order to maintain her skin rejuvenated, soft and smooth. However, even if this rumor is true, she still looks natural and very beautiful. So, what do you think about this rumor?

Other Celebrities Like LeAnn

LeAnn Rimes is not the only celebrity rumored to have undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her appearance. Like her, there are many others, such as for example Lisa Rinna plastic surgery, Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery and Courtney Love plastic surgery.

LeAnn Rimes MeasurementsHer Amazing Appearance

Many people were always wondering about LeAnn Rimes body measurements, so here they are :

–          Measurements : 81 – 61 – 91.5 cm

–          Bra size : 32B

–          Height : 165 cm

–          Weight : 53 kg

–          Shoe size : 8

–          Dress size : 2

–          Hair color : Blonde

–          Eye color : Blue