Leann Rimes Net Worth

Leann Rimes Net Worth
How much is
Leann Rimes worth :

  • Full Name: Leann Rimes
  • Net Worth: $38 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American


Leann Rimes Net Worth – How Rich Is The Famous Singer And Songwriter

Leann Rimes net worth is currently estimated to be $38 million. The famous lady has been a renowned singer and songwriter.  She is also known as an actress. The bulk of her current net worth stems from her involvement in the music industry. She has made millions as a singer. Her acting career and songwriting skills also opened great doors of wealth for her. She’s widely acclaimed today as one of the richest celebrities in the America showbiz industry.

Early Life And Music Career

Leann Rimes PicturesThe famous singer was born in Mississippi. While she was still 2 years of age, her parents enrolled her into a music class having noticed her interest in music.

At age 6, she moved to Texas alongside her parents where she started her singing career.

Leann Rimes started singing very early in life. She was well known for her excellent voice even while at the high school level. Her glorious journey to the showbiz industry started when she premiered in a TV show tagged “Star Search” at a very tender age of 8. She topped the list of winners at the show.

At age 13, Leann came up with her first ever single titled “Blue”. The single was highly acknowledged on all fronts. The young lady became famous as a result of the music piece. She recorded tremendous sales from the single within a space of short period.  The wonderful album scaled the list of top country music chart and emerged the topmost. Leann Rimes became popular as a result of the album. She didn’t stop there. She went ahead to release another album titled “You Light up My Life”. This marked the beginning of her exploits in the pop music genre.

Leann Rimes Achievements, Assets And Awards

Leann Rimes PhotosLeann’s net worth estimate is actually drawn from the great achievements she had made in life through her career in the music industry. She has continued to be nominated for several awards.  Just like Melissa Rivers, Tyra Banks, and other female celebrities, she has continued to bag several awards within a short period of time.  For instance, she won the American Music Award as result of her exploits in singing and songwriting.

So far, Leann has produced 4 compiled albums and 10 studio albums.  She has also released over 40 singles which are doing great in the US music chart. All the albums and singles are selling like hot cakes across the American continent.  Millions of copies are sold on the yearly basis. The sales constitute the bulk of the current estimate of her net worth.

Meanwhile Leann Rimes boyfriend and fiancé Eddie Cibrian became her center of attraction as she kept soaring higher in the music industry. They got married and wedded in 2011. As a token of love for her husband, Leann designed a tattoo on her body. As at the moment, Leann Rimes tattoo is causing ripples in the showbiz industry.  For Lean, the tattoo is a tribute to Eddie her hubby who’s the only one that matters right now in her life.

In the final analysis, Leann Rimes net worth stands tall when compared to her mates in the music industry. She has a multi-million house and also drives a Range Rove car. All of these assets form the bulk of her much-celebrated net worth.