Larry David Net Worth

Larry David Net Worth
How much is Larry David worth:

  • Full Name: Lawrence Gene David
  • Net Worth: $800 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian, writer, producer, actor
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Larry David Net Worth – How The Money Maker Generates His Fortune!

Larry David Pictures )Larry David net worth could be a surprise to anyone who reads it, including him. Many people don’t accept the fact that Larry David is this rich when the mag published his fortune. Where did he get those money? How creative he actually is? Let’s find out!

Popularly known as the co creator and co writer for Senfield, Larry David is arguably talented and creative being. When you see Jerry Senfield’s funny and witty jokes in the series, he did it with Larry! Starting his life as a limousine driver did not give him much for a living. He then took acting class pretty serious that would earn him the comedy gig in various clubs.

How Much Is Larry David Worth To Be Exact? Is $800 Million Too Much?

Larry David PicturesObviously not. Larry was a shop assistant once before meeting up with Jerry Seinfield. His best partner is probably the true source of his income. Jerry offered him to write and also played a role in Saturday night Life – the hippest TV program.

The Net Worth Larry David How The Story Goes Up Till Today

Larry David PhotosHis own TV show in HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm, has created massive fortune for him as well. earning a billion a year sounds nice to us! After time flies, the series earned him an increase of $2 million, making his salary around $3 million per annual.

With a man worthy of a penny, in 2008, he was making $55 thousands per annual and the syndication of Seinfield in DVDs has made him even richer for the royalty goes in his pocket. The Forbes Magazine actually concluded that he has a fortune more than Donald Trump. Surprised?

With his property and asset reaching more than a hundred million dollars, Larry David is making a great living out of that. He is far above the Hollywood star like George Clooney and his wife asset in all! However, he does not seem to want the public to know his net worth that he refused to confirm. After the divorce with ex wife, he has not lost his fortune to pay the huge settlement.

Larry David PhotosLarry David wife, whom had been married to Larry for 4 years was later divorced in 1993. The 2 children are with her and the rumor that he was pissed off was inevitably not true. The Rolling stone interviewed that the divorce got him to spend lots of money. And yet, he did not want others to be obsessed or surprised by his asset.

He is comparable to Jerry Seinfeld since both are in the same industry and both has almost the same success with the hit show. And Larry is sometimes amused by the fact how people would want to see Jerry earns that fortune instead of him. He does not appear much on screen – which is why people are surprised by the fact he is that rich, worthy of $800 million dollar fortune.

The brilliant mind deserves it all, we shall say. He is not George Clooney nor Will Smith but definitely he has got something different to sell and offer the viewers. He is funny, excellent and very professional as well.

What Do You Think About Larry David Net Worth?

Do you think he can be the richest guy for 5 years to come? What about his projects? Do you think they are successful and interesting? What makes Larry’s lines so popular and so witty? Is he the typical guy who lives up his dream with his idealism?

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Larry David Body Statistics:

  • Larry David Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements:
  • Bra Size:
  • Height: 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue