Kroy Biermann Net Worth

Kroy Biermann Net Worth
How much is Kroy Biermann worth:

  • Full Name: KroyBiermann
  • Net Worth: $3.5 Million
  • Occupation: NFL player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Kroy Biermann Net Worth – The True Net Worth

How Much Is Kroy Biermann Worth His Early Career

Kroy Biermann PicturesSince his college years, Kroy Biermann has been actively joining the football team. He means it serious when it comes to playing the game. The first debut was in the year 2008 as he was chosen in NFL draft, and this is when Kroy Biermaan net worth began to pile up. It was the Atlanta Falcons who selected him and within a few years, he was the top performer.

Kroy has a blood of sport since he was young. In school, he was the football captain and he also joined the wrestling club in college. Kroy was the MVP of wrestling during the time. By then, he realized that his passion was always wrestling but seeing that football has probably better future for him. And he was not wrong at all.
Kroy Biermann married to Kim Zolciak – from Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was the popular date of 11-11-11 and was a controversial as well since Zolciak’s worth is only at $500,000 at the time. The luxury wedding costs more than that. And her popularity becomes increasing after she married the football star. Both of them earned more by staring in their reality tv show, Don’t be Tardy.

Kroy Biermann girlfriend, Kim Zolciak, was said to have spent a lot of money from her husband. Lucky the NFL player gets so much fortune to spend on her. Including her wedding gown worthy of $55,000.

Kroy Biermann And His New Home

Kroy Biermann PhotosThe latest news about Kroy and Kim was when they bought a new home but then was reported to be broke. There has been many shows covering his house as they take a tour inside the mansion. The blast decoration and incredible architecture really represents both so well. There is a sport room, candy cane room and Kim herself, is in love with the new house. She said it is a fantastic house and you can’t imagine having others. There is even a Hollywood room and master bedroom that is a huge space. The US weekly also stated that Kim Zolciak feels like a queen upon entering the home.

There is another feature that makes this house so stand out. It’s the elevator that will bring up your shopping bags. Kim and her daughters take the bags with the elevator. She said it is her favourite spot.

Kroy met Kim when she was in set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The couple was seen in public until in 2010, Kim published an official statement saying that she was pregnant and expecting a baby from him. It was the first for Kroy but the third for Kim. The couple has 2 children so far

The Kroy Biermann Net Worth Announced

Kroy Biermann PhotosHis worth has been announced and the defensive player has a net worth accumulated at $3.5 million dollars. He plays in the National Football League and that salary is huge not to mention his reality tv show with his lady, Kim Zolciak who is a much controversial herself.

What do you think about Kror Biermann net worth? Is he able to increase his fortune next year? And how about all the sensational news you heard about the couple? Will their marriage last forever or they seem to be temporary?

Compared to other athletes like Rob Dyrdeck who makes money out of his passion, how do you see KroyBiermann?

Kroy Biermann Body Statistics:

  • Kroy Biermann Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements:
  • Bra size:
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in
  • Weight: 260 lb
  • Shoe Size: 17
  • Dress size: XL
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue