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Kim Basinger has had a long career in Hollywood and for a large part of it, the ‘L.A. Confidential’ star has been counted among the most beautiful actresses in the industry. However, advancing age seems to have caught up with her and rumours of Kim Basinger plastic surgery abound all through Hollywood. Smartly, Kim stays away from the topic of plastic surgery altogether which means that she has neither accepted nor denied the possibility of her having had some procedures performed. However, the way she is aging gracefully, wither Kim Basinger has some help from plastic surgeons, or she has the coordinates to the fountain of youth.

Kim Basinger Pictures Most people, including plastic surgeon to the star, Dr. Paul Nassif, are of the opinion that Kim Basinger plastic surgery has consisted of at least two different procedures. Of course, getting botox injections has become so common that it no longer feels to be a procedure linked to plastic surgery. However, it is that and Kim Basinger seems to have had quite a dose of the toxin. Botox smooths out the lines that come of aging and also tightens skin. It is generally used on the face and the neck to counter the effects of time.

Looking at Kim Basinger’s photographs, one can also see signs of a face lift. This is also confirmed by Dr. Nassif who also says that the jaw line looks too youthful for a woman Kim’s age and that is generally indicative of a face lift. As the 61 year old actress herself is reluctant to talk about it, we can only speculate on the procedures performed during Kim Basinger plastic surgery and can only rely on photographs and the words of experts.

Kim Basinger Photos It is not at all inconceivable that Kim Basinger plastic surgery has been performed. After all, she is a part of show business and looks are one of the most important factors that determine the type and number of roles she can expect. Keeping all this in mind, getting a few plastic surgery procedures performed is a logical step. Also pertinent is the fact that the outcome of these procedures looks quite good. The surgeon seems to have done a great job and has not botched up any part of the process. The new Kim Basinger might not be the same one we fell in love with quite a few years back, but she certainly looks as good as she did back then.

According to the rumor of LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery, faceis another part that is said she has changed through surgery. Her facial skin looks smooth and glowing, which is the reason why some people believe she has used Botox injections and other facial fillers. Her skin looks toned, tight and flawless, which could only be the result of Botox injections. There were also plastic surgeons who claimed that LeAnn has used Botox injections and facial fillers in order to maintain her skin rejuvenated, soft and smooth. However, even if this rumor is true, she still looks natural and very beautiful. So, what do you think about this rumor?

Kim Basinger photosBarbara Eden Plastic surgery is rumor ever since the 1970s when she seemingly stopped aging. Now, she is 82 years old and looks much younger than her actual age. Looking younger in her case however doesn’t mean looking better. Since she is over 80 years old, it is evident that her look appears artificial and somewhat unnatural.Numerous cosmetic interventions she did throughout the years have altered her look and although she appears younger, her look is not very appealing.

Considering her current look, we can verify that she has had usual sequence of anti-aging cosmetic procedures:

  • face-lifting
  • botox injections

Kim Basinger Measurementslike these celebs, many people go under the plastic surgeon´s knife, and all of them are not celebrities. There are plastic surgeries done to correct some birth defects or injury’s results such as scars or burns.  On the other hand, there are plastic surgeries on otherwise healthy and good looking people who are trying to stop aging or improve their looks.