Kevin Smith Net Worth

Kevin Smith Net Worth
How much is Kevin Smith worth:

  • Full Name: Kevin Patrick Smith
  • Net Worth: $25 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, producer, director, author, screen writer
  • Marital Status: Married to Jennifer Schwalbach
  • Ethnicity: White

What Is Kevin Smith Net Worth?

Kevin Smith net worth is estimated to be $25 million. He is multitalented juggling careers as an actor, producer, director, author and screenwriter. Kevin Smith has earned most of his money as an actor. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows. Over the years, his career has been very successful and he has gained fans from all the corners of the globe. Just how has he managed to make this much money? Let’s find out together.

Kevin Smith Career Life

To begin with, Smith was born in 1970, in New Jersey. He first became prominent after his performance in “Clerks”, a comedy he had written and produced. This was back in 1994 and he acted as Silent Bob.  Other of his films, which have placed him on the international arena include “Mall Rats”, “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma” and “Jersey Girl”.  The aforementioned films together with many others added a substantial amount to Kevin Smith net worth and earned more publicity.

Kevin Smith Pictures

One thing, which makes Kevin Smith movies to stand out, is that he likes shooting them, in New Jersey, where he was born and raised.  He is also has plot elements and character references as well as a principle he has include in all his films called “View Askewniverse”. It derives its name from his company, View Askew Productions. Besides, acting, writing and producing films together with directing movies, Kevin is also a comedian. He also hosts “SModcast”, a very famous podcast.

Kevin Smith Photos

Apart from his involvement in the film industry, he is also an author of comic books. He even owns a store for comic books, which is called Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, which is again located in his hometown, in Red Bank. This is another source of Kevin Smith net worth.

In addition to his successful career, Kevin Smith has a family. She married Jennifer Schwalbach in 1999.  They have a daughter together. Kevin Smith wife is an actress and she was formerly a reporter for USA Today. He has been faithful to his wife, since we are yet to hear scandals from the two.

Kevin Smith Photos

That is Kevin Smith net worth in a nutshell. However, it is bound to grow even more in the future, especially from his film production works.