Kevin Harrington Net Worth

Kevin Harrington Net Worth
How much is
Kevin Harrington worth:

  • Full Name: Kevin Harrington
  • Net Worth: $450 Million
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married to Crystal Harrington
  • Ethnicity: White

Kevin Harrington Net Worth – How Affluent Is Kevin Harrington?

Kevin Harrington net worth is estimated to be 450 million dollars. However, it is thought that his worth may be more than this figure, based on his mega investments. Most of his wealth has come from his roles as the chairperson and the owner of TVGoods Inc.  Other major contributors to his net worth include Reliant International, Electronic Retailing Association, Entrepreneur’s organization, Quantum International and HSN Direct. Besides, Kevin Harrington is a co-founder of Omni-Reliant Holdings Inc. He is also one of the major investors in Shark Tank. With such as an impressive record, you may be concerned about the exact net worth of Kevin. Let’s look at his life as an entrepreneur briefly.

Kevin Harrington The Seasoned Investor

To begin with, Kevin was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, back in 1957. In 1985, he established the Quantum International, a company that has continued being the backbone of his wealth. Actually, the company has made 500 product releases, leading to over four billion dollar-sales across the globe. This great starting got him the appointment of the president of National Media and he was mandated to oversee all the big infomercials.  In 1994, he left this position and went ahead to partner with “The Home Shopping Network”. Later, he established another company of his own, which he named HSN Direct International Inc. He became the president and the CEO, from 1994 all the way to 1998.

Kevin Harrington Pictures

Owing to his exemplary business skills, more openings came to him.  He became a hot cake in the business world and in any company he went, he left a permanent impression. Some of the companies , which Kevin Harrington had the opportunity of leading included  ResponseTV America, Reliant Interactive Media Corp., Business Development Inc, Infusion Brands International and Reliant International among others. He got great pay packages for all the aforementioned roles, which boosted his net worth. Besides his investments, he is also an investor in the TV show “Shark Tank”, which is run on ABC Network.  In the show, he competes alongside Daymond John and Kevin O Leary.

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Kevin Harrington Private Life

Kevin is married and the couple is blessed with two daughters Kaitlyn and Megan. Kevin Harrington wife is called Crystal Harrington.

With that, you now know how rich is business mogul, Kevin Harrington.