Kevin Garnett Net Worth

Kevin Garnett Net Worth
How much is
Kevin Garnett worth :

  • Full Name: Kevın Garnett
  • Net Worth: $180 Mıllıon
  • Occupation: Basketball Player
  • Maritalstatus: Marrıed
  • Ethnicity: Amerıcan

How become rich  the successful basketball player!

Kevin Garnett net worth is currently estimated to be up to $180 million. This is indeed a great feat when compared to his counterparts. The great basketball player has written his name in gold. He has set enviable records in his chosen profession. He remains one of the top American celebrities that are actually raking in millions of dollars on yearly basis.

Kevin Garnett Source Of Wealth

The staggering $180 million net worth ascribed to Kevin Garnett is not a mere story. The man of the moment made it to the top of his career by working very hard at every instance. His major source of income comes through his career as a Basketball player. His current salary stands to the tune of $28 million. He makes millions from his NBA contracts and endorsements.

Early Life And Marriage 

Kevin Garnett PicturesBorn in 1976 in Greenville, South Carolina, Kevin Garnett started very early in life to have an interest in basketball. All through his high school days he was involved in basketball events.  On several occasions, he led his school basketball team to victory. He was even nicknamed “Mr. Baskeball” because of his prowess in the game. He made a decision to develop his talent as a basketball player. He was able to achieve this later in life.

As the years rolled by, Kevin Garnett girlfriend, Brandi Padilla showed up. Both have been in a very long-term relationship. They decided to get wedded in 2004. However, both couple like keeping their marital life private. Very little is known about the happenings in their marriage.

Kevin Garnett Carrer As Basketball Player

Kevin Garnett PhotosThe bulk of Kevin Garnett net worth is hinged on his career as a basketball player.  Kevin became well known in the NBA. He played for well-known basketball clubs. He played for Boston Celtics, Timberwolves, and a few others. He has been recognized as the MVP on several occasions. He has been able to lead his club to the finals on several occasions.

İn the 2000 Olympics, Kevin won a gold medal.  İn 2008, be bagged the NBA Defensive Player  Award.

Over the years, Kevin has signed several contracts running into millions of dollars with top Basketball clubs. This accounts for the current estimate of his net worth. Kevin Garnett Assets

Kevin Garnett net worth will not be complete without making mention of his assets. The famous player  has a concord home worth over $4 million. the beautiful Kevin Garnett house  is highly reputed for having exciting features. The house is built on 13 acres of land. It has up to 4 car garages.  The interior section of the concord home is like heaven on earth.

When it comes to cars, the famous Celtic legend is not behind the times.  Kevin Garnett Car brands include Cadillac Escalade and Audi R8. The great Basketball player is stinking rich like  Kevin Coster and other celebrities. He has continued to buy lots of  landed properties across the US and even beyond.  Like Richard Branson, his assets and network have continued to be on the increase.Kevin Garnett Photos

Indeed, Kevin Garnett net worth  currently estimated to be up to $180 million is worthy of note. The great football player is not relenting yet. He’s still waxing stronger by the day. The future looks very bright for him.