Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After
Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery – Possibility Rumors Spreading Like Wild Fire

Kenya Moore stars in the real housewives of Atlanta. She has put out workout DVDs and there has been a battle between her and Phaedra the past, Kenya has mocked parks and has called her fat. Parks on her part also fired back at Kenya implying that she has butt implants. Kenya Moore plastic surgery has been said to have covered her butt area and there is a dent in the left cheek. This is said to have been a result of lack of care after Kenya had the surgery. She did not take care of herself after the silicone implant was placed. It is said that she must have slept on her left side instead of sleeping on her tummy. The imperfection is quite evident.

Kenya Moore Photos Kenya Moore was miss USA in the year 1993 and she lived and worked in Los Angeles as a great actress. She has great beauty and is too and therefore it hasn’t been hard to stay in the limelight for a long time. Over the years, the star has been a trendsetter especially with stunning outfits as well as hairstyles. If one takes a look at her photos, it is clear that she has a sense of great style and is among some of the most beautiful women the world has seen. Kenya moved to Atlanta so as to be able to join the real housewives of Atlanta. This hasn’t made her appearance any less attractive.

There is a rumor taking its rounds among celebrity watchers that Alexa Ray Joel has undergone several extensive procedures of plastic surgery in order to enhance her looks. However, the 28 year old celebrity who is the daughter of popular singer Billy Joel and the model Christie Brinkley has denied the rumors as 100% falsehood.

Surgery To Remove FibroidsKenya Moore Photos

Kenya Moore plastic surgery is something that one needs to decide upon an individual level. While it is evident that the star wants to be a mom, rumors on plastic surgery have to be verified. She underwent surgery so as to remove some fibroid tumors so as to increase her chances of becoming pregnant. This is seen as a drastic measure ion her part since her desires of becoming a mom is very high.

She has so far confirmed to having had surgery to remove fibroids and tweeted about the same thanking all her well-wishers and also letting  her loved ones know that the surgery had been a greet success. The fibroids which were benign got discovered after an ultrasound was done. The surgery was supposed to increase the odds of her having a pregnancy successfully. She has never been married but wants to start on vitro treatments soon after the recovery phase is over. She also posted photos on instagram as a way of confirming that she had had surgery.

Kenya Moore Pictures Statements Regarding Her Plastic Surgery

It has long been noted that Kenya Moore may have had plastic surgery. On social media, this star made a hint of getting some work done on her. She also posted a picture on social media and it looks a little different from what she looks like in real life.

Kenya is supposed to be on one of Donald Trump’s shows called celebrity apprentice. People claim that this may be the reason as to why she needs to change her appearance as much as possible. She needs a fresh look and a healthier image. Well, she could also be just looking for some sort of attention from the public.

Well most people agree that Kenya sure had a job done on her butt but must have slept on it due to the visible dent. It seems to have been spoilt after the implants. It is a very common thing for celebrities to get surgeries done. Some of the most popular persons who loved surgery include the late king of pop, Michael Jackson whose surgery went to the extremes. The cat woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein is yet another example of surgery gone really to the extremes.

Kenya Moore MeasurementsThe Verdict

It is important for one to compare the pictures and make up their minds on whether something has been done or not.

So, has Kenya Moore had surgery? Do you notice any differences when her pictures are compared?