Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before And After
Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery – He Is Totally Dissatisfied With The Result!

The famous singer and songwriter Kenny Rogers followed his fellow to the fame and the surgery table with his fortune in hand. The singer is at his senior years but of course, no one wants to get old! He showed public that he is in his very fittest condition and his passion in photography is still exist! Kenny Rogers did some appearances on TV with movies like MacShayne and Christmas in America. He also established chained restaurants Kenny Rogers Roasters which did not succeed like his career and eventually had to hand it over to another business man in 1998.

The Man Who Had That Cosmetic Surgery In A False Way

Kenny Rogers Pictures Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was never a secret because people noticed it right away. And due to this, he admitted that it was true. What’s more, he even admitted that he was not satisfied with the result. How could that be? Kenny took the decision to go under the knife to make him look younger or at least he could balance with his wife who is much younger than him. He had facelift and botox injections that did not come to succeed. He also tightens his eyelid and removes the bag eyes. Now he looks stiff. He was very disappointed with the result. However, it’s a bit strange that he did not know how the result would be when he already consulted it with his surgeon.

Kenny was not the only Hollywood guy who did plastic surgery. There were many of them like Michael Douglas and Barry Manilow. Both of them appeared quite weird, too. As for Kenny, the surgery did several changes on his face. He becomes a lot younger than his age. He also managed to clean up the wrinkles out of his forehead. He did the surgeries because he wanted to impress the media and look younger. The question is, is that really necessary?

The Disaster Of Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Photos Kenny Rogers plastic surgery disaster became the news because his face looks rather tight, too tight perhaps. He considered the surgery to be a disaster. His face did not look natural at all. The wrinkles and frowns were removed but that made him even worse. After sometime, the result begin to degrade as he gets older. His skin look sagging and the bag eyes quickly appear one more time. his face is far worse than natural. We are not sure if this is what he wanted but definitely there is something wrong with it.

His Before And After

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery pictures show significant changes on his face. when you observe his look on the picture, you will see that the plastic surgery eliminates the natural part of his face. it looks tight. These are the possible lists of his plastic surgery procedures that he underwent.

  • Kenny Rogers Photos Botox injections

He had several injections on his forehead, cheekbones to remove the wrinkles and make his face more appealing.

The procedure tightens his face so it looks smoother. It is also shinier. The facelift definitely gives a boost of his appearance.

  • Eyelid

He had eyelid surgery which removed his bag eyes. He also made his eyes a bit sharper than before.

It is clear that Kenny did way too much cosmetic procedure to his face. We can’t deny that many celebrities even worse, just name one like the comedian Carrot Top. Kenny has to learn how to appreciate the result because it is part of the consequences. He should be more grateful that he did not show up like cat face lady or worse.
What do you think of Kenny Rogers plastic surgery? Do you think he should do another one to fix the problem?

Kenny Rogers Body Statistics :

Kenny Rogers MeasurementsIf you are curious about Kenny Roger’s measurements fact, this list would enlighten your mind!

  • Height : 183 cm
  • Weight :5 kg
  • Hair Color : Salt and Pepper
  • Eye Color : Grey