Ken Block Net Worth

Ken Block Net Worth
How much is Ken Block worth:

  • Full Name: Ken Block
  • Net Worth: $200 Million
  • Occupation: Rally driver, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married to Lucy Block
  • Ethnicity: White

Ken Block Net Worth – How Affluent Is The Rally Driver?

Ken Block net worth is quite massive. A good percentage of his wealth can be attributed to his earnings and achievements as a rally driver. He is a household name, owing to his performance in car racing. One mention of him, keeps heads turning. How has he managed to make this money over his career life? Learning about his life briefly, will give you an idea of just how Ken Block became this wealthy.

Ken Block The Race Driver

Ken Block was born in Hampstead Long Beach in California, in 1967.  Since he is well known as a rally driver, it is best we look at his career in car racing first.  He started racing in 2005. His first experience was with Vermont SportsCar Team. His performance here got him the Rally America Rookie of the Year.

A year after this big win, he acquired a sponsorship with the Subaru. Under the program, he got an opportunity to participate in the X Games XII, competitions. However, Ken Block could only make it to the third position.  He competed also in the Rally America National Championship in 2006 and this time he became position two. He took part again in the X Games XIII and this time he came out with a silver award. This was a good progress. In 2007, at the Rally America Championship, Ken Block went back a step behind to position three.

In the following year, he became number two in the same competitions. In 2008 in the World Rally Championships, he scored two points but improved later on in 2013 to six points.  It is worth noting that, his co driver is called Alex Gelsomino. All these achievements in rallying have brought Ken, quite a fortune but that is not all.

Ken Block Photos

If you did not know, Ken Block is the co-founder and the top brand officer for DC Shoes. While most people have the notion that the largest part of his wealth is from his earnings as a rally driver, he has earned most of it from the line of shoes.  However, he sold his stake and turned to Hoonigan Industries. Remember he started rallying in 2005; he must have been doing something during the other years.

Ken Block Private Life

About his private life, Ken Block is happily married. He is married to none other than Lucy Block. Although, Ken Block wife is a topic he does not like bringing up much often, they live peacefully with each other.

Ken Block Photos

That is Ken Block net worth.