Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before And After
Knightley Plastic Surgery – Trying Very Hard To Get Better Upon Perfection

Keira Knightley is one of the rare celebrities that have openly said that she would not hesitate to go for plastic surgery if and when she deems it necessary. Even though she has not said anything about having anything done till now, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star does seem to have already tried her hands at some procedures. Considering her point of view on this subject and the way she has discussed this before, we can certainly expect some confirmation of Keira Knightley plastic surgery in the future.

Keira Knightley Pictures Looking at her photographs from a few years ago, one can infer that she has had at least two types of procedures already performed. The most obvious one is lip augmentation. Keira’s lips have become visibly more full and plumper in the last few years. While lips do flesh out and become luscious with age, the perfection in her sexy lips seems like the work of an experienced plastic surgeon. Keira Knightley plastic surgery is also said to have consisted of a nose job for her. The new nose looks sharper and slimmer than the old one and it does add to the face value of the actress.

Keira Knightley PhotosIn her interviews, Keira Knightley has claimed that she is not averse to plastic surgery, but at the right time. In fact, she has even named what kind of surgeries she feels she should have. She feels that she would go in for a breast augmentation as she feels she has small breasts. A Keira Knightley plastic surgery would also consist of botox injections at the necessary places. Of course, at 29 years of age, she is too young to have any need for it, but she is quite ready to use it when required. This kind of openness about plastic surgery is quite rare among movie stars and it is indeed refreshing to see someone who is not afraid to speak her mind.

As she has not confirmed any of the rumors about Keira Knightley plastic surgery, we cannot be 100% sure if she has had the procedures done. However, considering that she is quite willing to talk about the topic (which most actors are not), it is not inconceivable that she will open up about the same and let her fans and critics know if and when she has some help from plastic surgery. Whatever, be the truth, even if she has had some help, the ensuing result is beautiful. Keira Knightley was always a looker but that bit of plastic surgery only seems to have helped matters.

It is not easy to be an actress in the golden age in Hollywood. Hollywood has a very strong youth cult, and first wrinkles you create will kick you out of the Hollywood A league into the league where best roles you can get is of the main characters mother, or that weird old lady with dozen cats. no wonder actresses do whatever they can to postpone that day. They are on a strict diet; they regularly practice  and used Keira Knightley Photosdifferent cosmetic treatments. When all that fails, and sometimes before, they book an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Suzanne Somers is not an exception, and thanks to that we can talk about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery. Kathie Lee Gifford an American actress, television host, comedian, songwriter and singer. She was born in Paris, France and she is 60 years old. She became very popular because of the talk show Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, and she was working with Regis Philbin. Kathie won several awards, and she is much respected face of American television.

Keira Knightley MeasurementsShe was married to Paul Johnson, but they divorced in 1983. She got married again to Frank Gifford, former American football player, and the couple has two kids. Kathie Lee always was very devoted to her work, and because she is a television face, she is always trying to look as best as possible. She is sixty years old, but she looks much younger, and that is why Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery rumors and speculations started. She is very famous lady, and it is not so strange to see that she is trying to look good. Being a television personality means that you have to look really good always or someone else will come into your place.