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Can you imagine that Katey Sagal turned 60 this year? Isn’t it unbelievable that Gemma Teller Morrow from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is now a sexagenarian? We have all enjoyed her acting talents in both films and on television and have loved her characters such as Peggy Bundy from ‘Married…With Children’, Gemma Teller Morrow, Leela from ‘Futurama’, and Cate Hennessy from ‘’8 Simple Rules’ through the years. It is almost impossible to guess Sagal’s age just by looking at her as she has maintained herself very well, however, it is also rumoured that the youthful looks are courtesy of some heavy duty Katey Sagal plastic surgery.

Katey Sagal Pictures For a woman her age, Katey Sagal does look phenomenal, and that is the reason most people claim that she has had cosmetic surgery performed on her. Even though no confirmations have been forthcoming, it is widely believed that Katey Sagal plastic surgery consisted of fairly extensive botox treatment. Looking at her photos today, it is not hard to imagine why people believe this and it is even easier to start believing it yourself. Botox gives the skin a more youthful look and is quite popular among people looking to reverse the signs of aging.

Botulinum Toxin A or botox, as it is commonly known, has been used in cosmetic surgery for many years now. Its effects include reducing of wrinkles, tightening of skin, and youthful looks. What botox does is that it paralyses the so called frown muscles (the muscles responsible for frowning). Katey Sagal plastic surgery rumours claim that this Katey Sagal Photoshas been used extensively on the actress and that is what has led to her still retaining her fresh and youthful looks.

The fact is that until and unless any kind of confirmation is forthcoming from either Katey or someone close to her, the talk about Katey Sagal plastic surgery will remain mere conjecture. Even if she has got a lot of work done on herself, the end result seems to be quite attractive. Her plastic surgeon does not seem to have gone crazy with the botox and thus she does not have the typical marks of botched surgical procedures. In fact, the results of Katey Sagal’s plastic surgery should be used as a template for how plastic surgery should be performed and what the results should look like.

Most valued Hollywood features are probably good looks and youth. Looking into average actor or actress, it seems they are all gorgeous, with perfect bodies and faces, and usually looking much younger than their birth certificate says. to reach and maintain that level, they use different methods. Regular diet, various exercise and cosmetic treatments are necessary if you want to succeed in this world. And when it all starts to fail, there is one more solution: plastic surgery. Sally Field is no exception to this rule. For years, some rumors about Sally Field plastic surgery became common. So, the question of all questions is: did she do it?

Katey Sagal Photos Sally Field was born in 1946. in Pasadena, California. Her father was an army officer, and her mother was an actress. She started acting as a teenager. Two Oscars, three Emmys, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guilt Award, are placed on her shelves. Besides acting, she is a singer, producer, screenwriter and director. With almost fifty years long career, Sally Field is one of Hollywood icons. Still, she is not immune to all the requirements Hollywood places in front of it´s stars. Smokey is still very famous on his 70s, but he looks like at least twenty years younger man, so people started discussing his plastic surgeries. So, let´s start from the beginning. A person of his age cannot avoid signs of aging.

Katey Sagal MeasurementsThose are wrinkles on the forehead, crow´s feet in eye corners, laughing lines from nose to mouth corners, sagging skin in neck and jaw area and eye bags, to mention just the most notable features. Smokey has none of them. To achieve this Smokey Robinson plastic surgery must have happened.