Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before And After
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery – The Ink Artist Chose Plastic Surgeries Than Tattoo

Kat Von D Plastic Surgeries

Kat Von D is famous for her tattoos all over her body. The young gothic girl is rumored to have several plastic surgeries for the last 5 years. She has been an eye of the public with the rumors as she raise to popularity after hooking up with Sandra Bullock’s ex husband. Does Kat Von D plastic surgery is just the gossip she creates? When you look at her make up, she could go extremely smokey gothic with that blood color lipstick and dark eye shadows. Her dramatic appeal seems to cover up her surgeries if she had one.

But recently Kat is using rather soft make ups. Is she heavily romanticized by her love so she chooses to wear those subtle hues? She chooses beige than blood color. The daring woman looks perfect with her long shaggy hairstyle. She really puts up effort to match her look with her all over style and make up. It looks great on her as she appears on Sephora and TV stations.

Kat Von Drachenberg is a Mexican American tattoo artist, model and also TV personality. She is blessed with that perfect posture and beautiful feature on her face.

Kat Von D Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kat Von D Photos Rumor has it that Kat enlarge her breasts and we can only notice it by comparing her old and new photos. The rumors begin to spread quickly and some experts even make a list of what she has done under the knife.

Those three might still add up to another few lists. Kat does not really openly admit to public whether she had plastic surgery or not. The tell tale is actually concluded by her fans and surgeon experts with the evidence of her before and after pictures. When looking on her nose, the bridge becomes narrower. Her nose tip looks pointier than before. She is more attractive today and she appears more confident in public.

Her lips appear thicker and fuller. They are plumper than before. She even dares to wear nude color for her lipstick – not something she used to do. Katherine has been on the tv industries for years. Her unique face as a descendant from Germany, Mexico and America, create a one of a kind beauty.

Kat Von D Photos Kat von D boob job is also quite true since she has hers to appear bigger. She enhance the shape because every woman wants that sexy cleavage. Her large breasts are quite appealing to support her beautiful look. Although she has not been talking to public nor the press, but we could be sure that they are artificially shaped with the knife. The speculation arose as she appears in public with a different look. Her look however, it does not change a lot. The surgical signs are not visible because it may not be done overly. Moreover, her lots of tattoo already draws the focus on them so if there is any mark, it would be covered.

What do you think about Kat Von D plastic surgeries? Do you think her appearance is more attractive today than she was before? What about her tattoo? What do you think about a girl with many tattoos like Kat Von D?

Kat is a very attractive and confident woman, you can tell it by the way she carries herself. She can succeed in her role as TV personality as well as tattoo artist. Her surgeon must be the one with that experience and expertise to have her face and body looks very natural. Some artists can’t even cover up their plastic surgeries because they are too obvious like the ones on Barry Manillow or Mickey Rourke. As for Mila Kunis, it shows an exceptionally successful cosmetic procedure.

Kat Von D  Body Statistics :

Kat Von D MeasurementsMeasurements : 34-30-36 

Bra size : 34C

Height : 5′ 9¼”

Weight : 130 lbs

Shoe Size : 7

Dress size : 2

Hair Color : currently black

Eye Color : brown