Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts Net Worth
How much is Julia Roberts worth:

  • Full Name: Julia Fiona Roberts
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Marital Status: Married to Daniel Moder
  • Ethnicity: White

Julia Roberts Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 34-24-35
  • Bra size: 32B
  • Height: 5’9” or 175cm
  • Weight: 58kg or 128kg
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Dress size: 4
  • Hair Color: Naturally, blonde but maintains light brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown

Julia Roberts Net Worth – How Rich Is The Pretty Woman Star

Julia Roberts net worth amounts to $140 million. She is widely known as one of the most successful actresses in the history of Hollywood.  She became famous after she starred in “Pretty Woman” a movie, which prevailed in the 1990s. The movie reached a total of $464 million, which was quite a sum at the time.  She also acquired an Academy Award for Best Actress for the role she took in Erin Brockovich. This can give you a little idea, why Julia’s net worth is that much. All the same, let’s try to trace her wealth from the start of her career to date.

Julia Roberts Early Life

Julia Roberts Pictures She was born in Georgia to her parents Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou. Her ancestors had hailed from different regions including Sweden, England, Ireland, Germany, and Scotland.  While her forefathers confessed varying faiths, Julia like her mother was raised in the Catholic faith. May be Julia Roberts career was pre-determined since both parents were stage actors. They even met as they performed for the armed forces. It seemed as if everybody else in the family was to take an acting career, because Lisa Roberts Gillan, her sister is also an actor. It would interest you to know that Julia Roberts niece too is a model and actor, known for her role on the TV series Unfabulous. However, her brother is the one who is influential in the family. He is called Eric Roberts, who is popular for his performance in “Less Than Perfect” and “Run Away Train”. Despite her relatives’ accomplishments, nobody beats Julia Roberts.

Julia’s childhood was far from easy. Her parents separated when she was five years old and she had to face the early demise of her father, some five years later.  Soon after her father passed, the mother married Michael Motes, giving rise to her stepsister Nancy Motes. Her relationship with his brother was bad and immediately they left their mother’s home, their conflict gap widened. They only reconciled in 2004.

Julia Roberts Photos When she was young, she did not view herself as an actress.  What she did not know is that this is the career, which would get her net worth to millions of dollars. On the contrary, she liked to play the clarinet when she was in Campbell High School. She wanted to become a vet later. She only changed her mind when she joined Big Apple, where she started her career in the film industry.

Her first role was in Satisfaction a movie, which was produced in 1988. In the following year, she took yet another role in Steel Magnolias, where she acted as an ill bride. For this, she acquired a nomination for the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress. The same got her Motion Picture Best Supporting Actress Award. All these accolades were adding up her net worth tremendously.  A year after she won a heated competition, which included the likes of Karen Allen, Meg Ryan, and Michelle Pfeiffer to become a star in “Pretty Woman”.

After her appearance in the Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts became a common face on screens across the world and his net worth shot to the sky. For instance, her role in Monalisa in 2003, added to her worth a whopping $25 million.

Julia’s Personal Life

Julia Roberts Photos Julia has married to Danny Moder for 12 years. However, there have been rumors that Julia Roberts husband cannot wait to quit the marriage. He gives his reasons as Julia’s high-headedness, which has made the poor man crave to walk the path of divorce. The cinematographer is now looking to find relief by getting out of the Pretty Woman’s star for good. Nevertheless, Julia’s net worth will not be shaken much by this divorce if at all it does occur. Luckily enough, it seems like she knew this was coming eventually since they have a prenup. The judges will have a smooth time settling the divorce unless now for Julia Roberts children. All the same, Danny will not leave empty-handed since he will be pocketing half of the asset they own together of $10 million.

That is Julia Roberts net worth. It is not a static figure though since she is more energetic now than when she started. She is going to secure more awards and we are not tired of seeing her on our screens. She is also far from quitting. In the future, we may see her net worth increasing significantly.