Josh Altman Net Worth

Josh Altman Net Worth
How much is Josh Altman worth:

  • Full Name: Josh Altman
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Occupation: Real estate agent, Real estate investor and Reality television personality
  • Marital Status: Engaged
  • Ethnicity: Jewish

Josh Altman Net Worth – The Real Life Of A Real Estate Agent Who Turns Millionaire- Josh Altman

Josh Altman was born in Massachussettes to Judith and Alan Altman. And as a kid, Josh Altman grew up with his traditions since his family was part of the Jewish Ancestry.


In 1997, Altman graduated from the Newton South High School. And all the way in college, Josh Altman has already developed his skills in communication and he admittedly said that he was into communicating with individuals. During Josh Altman college year, Josh Altman was said to a kicker of the said football team in his college years – Syracuse University football team.

Josh Altman was really good with his persuasive tactics when it comes to his communication skills. He had no problem with communicating with people. Right after college, he immediately travelled to Los Angeles to pursue his goal of being a successful real estate agent. Like everyone else, Altman started from the bottom- as an investor and worst, as a flipper. It took him only 3 years to build his Josh Altman own financing company. For him to be successful he decided to join with his brother for them to be able to get what they really wanted. They named their company The Altman Brothers which was considered to be in the field of the real estate brokerage. Altman has been selling almost 100% of the real estate amounting to almost $100 million in the year 2010. Josh Altman has been known for his good skills in the real estate world and was also published in a magazine for his excellent persuasive skills. In 2014, Josh Altman was found to have sold a single property for an amount of a million dollars. No one has ever doubted him, for Josh Altman never showed that he hated his job.

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Josh Altman also consulted for different companies who paid him for the work that he has been providing for them. Josh Altman also provided seminars on how to be a successful real estate agent, and simply shared his experiences in life on how he reached the peak of his career.

Altman’s Fiancée

As a real estate agent, Josh Altman made good numbers. And it is not surprising that everyone would love to marry him. Eventually, Josh Altman met his said to be fiancée Heather Bilyeu, who worked for his rivalry in the real estate world as secretary of the said real estate Bravo. They have been for their marriage for quite some year, and should be taking place by July of 2014. But due to some relationship fights, Josh Altman and his girlfriend decided to call it off and postpone their wedding.

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Rumors have been spreading saying that both of them broke up, but they denied it and said that they were just planning for another date instead and haven’t thought about it yet. Josh Altman loved his fiancé so much and never stopped talking about their marriage, but they never agreed on the details of their wedding.