Jon Stewart Net Worth

Jon Stewart Net Worth
How much is
Jon Stewart worth:

  • Full Name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Occupation: Film Maker, Writer, Actor, Media Critic and Host
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jon Stewart Net Worth – The Famous Comedian In Entertainment Industr

He was actually first known to be a comedian in a show entitled Short Attention Span Theatre. Years have passed, and Stewart was already able to have his own show in MTV, which they called The Jon Stewart Show. Because of his good skills as a host, he was offered to host different shows in MTV like the You Wrote it, You Watch It show.

The Daily Show was his bread and butter and led him to have a successful career. He was also the producer and script writer of his own show. With all his commitment and passion with work, Stewart was then awarded in the Emmy Awards for everything he did for his career.


Stewart was born in New York City to Marian and Donald Leibowitz. His mother was an educational consultant, while his father was a well-known physics professor in the College of New Jersey. Stewart was born with his father’s last name on his birth certificate, but since he never had a chance of having good terms with his father, he dropped his last name of, and used his middle name instead.

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Stewart was as bright as his father. He entered the College of William and Mary which was located in Virginia, and also had an interest in Chemistry but eventually switched to Psychology. He has his own soccer team which made his education schedule more of an extra-curricular centred. He was a good player, and was also considered the star player of his times. Even though he was part of the soccer team, Stewart was also considered as a comedian even way back in high school.

Because of his comedian skills, Stewart tried having himself in a comedy bar but eventually ended up being shy and didn’t even try to perform. It took him months before he got his confidence back and shrug off his stage freight. He suddenly stood up and showed up in a show – The Bitter End. He used his name Jon Stewart as his scream name and usually jokes around about his last name since everyone has been having difficulty pronouncing and spelling it out. He had been a regular comedian at a certain bar called the Comedy Cellar wherein he had to form every 2am.

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While he has been evolving his comedian skills, Stewart was already trying to work with his hosting skills. In 1993, Jon Stewart finally got in and even developed his own show The Jon Stewart Show which was partly advertised by MTV. As a host-comedian, it was never hard for him to entertain his audience and viewers. Undoubtedly, the show made it to its peak by the mid of 2000.

Stewart’s Marriage

Stewart was a well-known comedian-producer-actor-writer, and undoubtedly he would be very good in winning a woman’s heart. In 1997, during the shoot of the Wishful Thinking, he met Tracey Lyn McShane whom he dated for four years. He proposed to her by using a crossword puzzle which made her say yes to him.

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The couple were living happily together, and had 2 children named Nathan and Maggie.