Joe Budden Net Worth

Joe Budden Net Worth
How much is Joe Buddennet worth:

  • Full Name: Joe Budden
  • Net Worth: $1.8 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, musician
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Joe Budden Net Worth – How He Gets Famous

Joe Budden Net Worth And His Early Career

Joe Budden net worth is surprisingly huge. He started off his career back in 2003. He launched his debut single with 2 Grammy nomination. It was Pump It Up song that raised the fame for him. His single was also featured in several movies like Mean Girls.

He released the Padded Room in 2009. And overall his 6 studio albums were a big hit. His songs were featured in Billboard 200 in rap album sections. He also has collaborated with various artists from Busta Rhymes, to Cee Lo Green. He has a reality show called Love and Hip Hop in VH1 and he also made documentaries entitled Something from Nothing and Hip Hop Babylon.

Joe Budden Girlfriend And His Domestic Violence

Joe Budden was accused to beat his girlfriend just outside a strip club. The American rapper brutally choking his girlfriend because he saw she took pictures with men in Instagram.

He was reported to snatch her phone before beating her up. The aftermath showed bruises on the legs and arms plus red mark on the neck as a sign of being choked.

The report was wild due to his unusual rage after seeing a picture of his former girlfriend. The New York Post covered the news and it was a big hit during the time.

In the court, Joe’s lawyer was looking for a peace settlement with the victim and offer a responsibility for it. Joe budden was not arrested.Meanwhile, Joe Budden seemed to be pissed of by the fact that his girl left him. The bartender got Joe in rage and tweeted the breakups are messy. He heavily tweeted his heart out and did not really admit of doing the alleged violence.

Joe Budden Tattoos And The Troubles

Joe Budden PhotosJoe Budden is always fond of taking swear words as the common phrases. You will often see it on his tweets and most people would make them as favourites. He is in love with tattoos that he got it on his body, like arms and back. He also was a troubled young teen that his mother had to convince him to go to rehab. After he was clean, he began his journey to the stardom by freestyling as a rapper.

This is why his songs are mostly about drug addicts and problems in addictions. As a writer, he constantly writes his own songs and these lyrics become problem for Def Jam. He moved to another label and got plenty of critics that increased his revenues even more. As a member of the SlaughterHouse, Joe has performed with the band in many gigs throughout the US. But being solo act gets him the best revenue. His TV show also earns him a lot amount of money. Joe Budden has a lot of incidents with Jay Z, P Diddy and even Wu Tang Clan. His controversial problems have always made him in trouble but not with his net worth that keeps increasing.

What do you think about Joe Budden and his troublesome life? Can the rapper manage to be successful like his fellow P Diddy with huge fortune in his hands? Do you think Joe needs to figure out how he should behave in public or he should leave others who don’t have respect for him?

Joe Buddennet Body Statistics:

  • Joe Budden Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5’ 9”
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Dress size: M
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark brown