Jimmy Fallon Net Worth

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth
How much is Jimmy Fallon worth:

  • Full Name: James Thomas Fallon
  • Net Worth: $25 Million
  • Occupation: host, actor, singer, comedian, producer, writer
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth – The Funny And Rich Guy

Jimmy Fallon Pictures Jimmy Fallon net worth is estimated $25 million dollars. That’s quite an amount for hosting a late night show. Jimmy was born in Brooklyn, New York. as a New Yorker, he grew in a small town and he loved seeing Saturday Night Life. Recalling his childhood memory, he would do reenactment on Sundays in front of his parents. His mother saw the talent in him and encouraged him to go for an audition in stand up comedy. It was after he graduated from high school that he tried to join Bananas Comedy Club. In college, Jimmy performed several stages and made it as a full time career. He pursued his path in Los Angeles and he joined the Groundlings that turned out to be, his way to Saturday Night Live. He was a full time member of the show for a 6 year.

How Much Is Jimmy Fallon Worth As An Actor, Host And Stand Up Comic

The Saturday Night Live show was his way to the stardom. Before he has his own show, Jimmy Fallon acted in several movies from Whip it, Factory Girl, to Fever Pitch. They weren’t big movies but they did make his name recognized.

Finally, Jimmy hosts the popular TV show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Surprisingly, Jimmy will also take Jay Leno’s show in 2014, Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Jimmy Fallon And His Early Career: Why He Switch College Major

Jimmy was majored in Computer science before switching to Communication. He said that he was desperate at that Jimmy Fallon photostime. He was not good in math so he needed to work on something else. So he chose Communication – which doesn’t use the calculating at all. It was a ridiculous for him however, it was a useful decision seeing him, now, succeeding his path as a TV host and a comic. He is now able to see the big picture that Communication major helped him do better in Bananas Comedy club – the first comedy club he joined. In 1998, his net worth began to grow bigger. After joining the Saturday Night Life, Jimmy got his first ever TV show in 2009. And the salary keeps growing after that.

Jimmy Fallon And His Family

Jimmy Fallon Photos Jimmy Fallon wife was just giving birth to a lovely baby girl last year. the adorable couple announced it on his Late Night Wednesday show. Of course, the happy announcement included him telling the audience that the baby girl was named Winnie Rose.

Jimmy met his wife through mutual friend, Drew Barrymore. They tied the knot in 2007. Juvonen is a close friend to Drew Barrymore as they both produced some of Barrymore films.

Jimmy Fallon Asset

Jimmy Fallon is really getting rich this year with his show airing every night and his witty comments entertaining the audience. His net worth is estimated to grow up next year. he collects some of expensive cars and properties of luxury in several areas. Jimmy and his wife are far from gossips. They seem to have peaceful life and don’t bother about what’s going on the spotlight. He was also one of the richest comedian.

Jimmy Fallon Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Jimmy Fallon? How do you compare him to some names in the stand up comedy like Chris Tucker? Do you think Jimmy would continue hosting his show or  switching to movie like his fellows? Tell us what you think and leave the comment below!