Jim Jones Net Worth

Jim Jones Net Worth
How much is Jim Jones worth:

  • Full Name: Joseph Juilermo Jones II
  • Net Worth: $10 million
  • Occupation: hip hop artist
  • Marital Status:
  • Ethnicity: Aruban and Puerto Rican

Jim Jones Net Worth – Spending Too Much Money On Cars

Jim Jones net worth is a superb topic. The American hip hop singer has a net worth more than $10 million. With money flies high, he just bought himself 2 new luxurious cars worth of $120 thousand dollars. It is worth that huge to get the car because this rapper has every glitters in the house.

Rapper Jim Jones Net Worth – The Early Career

Jim Jones Pictures As his net worth reaches more than ten million dollars, he is one of the richest rappers in the industry so far. Jones joined Harlem a few years ago and he started to take the fame when he was joining The Diplomats. The band earned a massive success and Jones became the CEO of the record label with the same name. This whole lot of list of his careers indeed, affect his net worth. He shared some of the fortune for businesses with friends and he also involved in orbiting several artists in rap industry.

Jim Jones Rapper Net Worth – A Talented Director

Jim Jones Photos Apart from his rapping activity, Jim Jones also becomes music video director. He has been directing several clips and he calls himself CAPO – a pseudonym when he takes the seat as a video director. Having been working with various artists in the industry, Jim Jones ruled the industry with some of names like Juels Santana, and Cam’ron. His first debu album entitled On My Way To Church was a big hit in the chart. The next following year, he released his album Harlem Diary and the third one in 2006 named Hustler’s POME.

It was in this third album that Jim Jones got a big success. The single We Fly High gained recognitions and awards plus the huge record sales that earned him a massive lot of profits. It also reached Billboards 100 for several weeks.

How Much Is Jim Jones Worth From The Early Career?

Jim Jones Photos Jim Jones once formed a group band called ByrdGang. He also released his next album which the single, Pop Champagne receiving huge success. Following next was his 6th studio album, Capo. His success as a father makes him capable of funding his kids. Jim Jones kids really are lucky! He also shows off his personal life in purpose to keep up with the spot light.

Now, Jim Jones is a CEO, a producer, a hip hop artist with lots of fortunes. The amount is big enough for a rapper. He is a hype man and he takes things seriously when it comes to business. Jim Jones also got Urban Music Award in 2009 and he also owns a team of inline skating Dipskate. Jones appeared in one reality show Love and Hip Hop by VH1.

Jim Jones often shows off his fortune by getting himself nice cars or living luxury life. After purchasing expensive vehicles, Jones is out for some public attention. He is always seen in public which is why he gets so many attention from the media. This makes him on the spotlight everytime he goes. He also bought nice things for his girl friend and makes sure the press covered the news. With all of his ventures beyond and above the music industry, Jim Jones really gets into everyone’s heart fast, and long lasting.

Jim Jones Body Statistics MeasurementsOften time, people compare him to Eminem. Even though Eminem is farther in terms of career and net worth, but Jim Jones probably has the same hype fans. It is not all competition as he has his own rapping style.

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