Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery – What Was She Thinking?

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Walk into the world of glitz and glamor aka Hollywood and you’re sure to be mesmerized by the charisma and glittering personalities succumbing you. But beneath all this charm, are there some dirty little secrets floating around? Is it really as glamorous as it appears to the outsider’s eye? Or maybe the drama and gossip sometimes really gets the best of this clan of ‘celebrities’.

For once plastic surgeries are really ‘in’ with these sparkly storybook characters, look around in L.A. and you’ll find several rhinoplasties (often badly done) walking around. Coupled with implants and injections, seems like there is nothing these characters wouldn’t withhold when it comes to their looks and beauty.

What procedure looks good for a time will probably look superficial when you grow older and your skin starts sagging like bags. Remember the great Michael Jackson? Just how pronounced his nose was in the last decade of his life? Still, these procedures are on the high, with our stars, our ideals going through hundreds of surgeries and chancing upon an impending midlife skin crisis.

Her Surgical Endeavors Gone Wrong

Jenna Jameson Photos What this Miss Jameson has been accredited to is breast implants, a nose job and a rumored butt augmentation as it appears in many of the before and after visual proofs swarming the Internet database. Too many Botox injections and lip fillers have only highlighted this woman on the list of the worst plastic surgery examples of modern day. She might have thought she looked ‘hot’ but we think she just looks like a high-class hooker with those unusually huge lips and tight stretched skin. Perhaps it can be blamed on the industry she works for, especially the genre of movies she makes, where big curves and unusually thin noses are considered great but real life isn’t a porn movie, and the truth is real life has already taken a toll on her skin, as proved by her recent pictures. We personally think she ruined her natural beauty and for what? A frozen face and stiffness? Too late to turn back the clock now, isn’t it?

How Much Is Too Much For Some?

Jenna Jameson Photos However all this wasn’t enough for this adult entertainer as she went through a vaginoplasty in 2007 which reportedly went so bad that she shunned all her meetings and had to go into ‘hiding’. Still it doesn’t seem she is ready to lay off on the surgery very soon even though several professionals in the field have advised her openly to do so. One Doctor Anthony Youn reportedly remarks about Jenna on his blog;

“The last few years haven’t been kind to Jenna’s appearance.  I’ve never treated or met her, but if I did, I’d recommend that she stop any plastic surgery and let it wear off.”

She also is rumored to have had a chain implant, as the structure seems to have went through quite a change from her earlier days.

Point To Ponder

Jenna Jameson MeasurementsSo what have all these procedures done for one Jenna Jameson? Her face now looks frozen and as unnatural as it could be, in fact her fans are doubtful if they even recognize the woman anymore, so pronounced have been the changes in her repertoire. Is she just a bad example of plastic surgery gone wrong, such as in dramatic case of Donatella Versace? Or maybe it did her some good? Well whatever the good was, it apparently has been overshadowed by the bad. However it seems the woman has actually done some good to herself, as proved by her removal of breast implants, which she remarks was quite liberating for her sanity. However, multiple procedures have seemingly left her curves uneven. It all brings us back to the point that overdoing on plastic surgery never does one good, you might have a few years of the spotlight but after that it’s just saggy skin and fake facial composure. So it’s up to you to decide, what do you value more? Perfect look or your natural features? Don’t say we never warned you with this worst plastic surgery of the day.