Jeff Gordon Net Worth

Jeff Gordon Net Worth
How much is Jeff Gordon worth:

  • Full Name: Jeffery Michael “Jeff” Gordon
  • Net Worth: $200 Million
  • Occupation: car race driver
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Jeff Gordon Net Worth – 20 Years Of Successful Racecar Driving İn America

Making Big Bucks In Car Races

Jeff Gordon Pictures NASCAR races are important thing in USA, and this is a reason why Jeff Gordon net worth is one of the richest among Americans these days. If you wonder how much is Jeff Gordon worth, the answer is $200 million, but this sum is increasing for $20 million annually, thanks to his huge endorsement deals. Because races are so popular in USA, sponsors are practically running to successful drivers-everybody wants to be presented on that winning car, and Jeff Gordon‘s car is usually that one!  These deals with Coke, Gillete, Pepsi, Nicorette and several other sponsors, are en explanation how come that Jeff Gordon earns approximately $20 – $30 million annually of paycheck and sponsors. Jeff’s net worth would have been bigger if he didn’t divorce his first wife, who got their huge beach villa, valued at $9 million, two cars and monthly alimony. During their bitter divorce proceedings, they battled what amount should Jeff pay to her, and at the end, we can say that it was rounded at $15 million for Brooke Sealey, along with open access to Jeff’s private plane and boat.

So far, Jeff Gordon earned more than $100 million in car race wins. He won the Winston Cup in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2001. In NASCAR Spring Cup Jeff so far has more than 90 wins. In the Nationwide Series he won 5 times, and came in first 10 for 32 times. Jeff knows a good deal when he sees it, so he invested in equity share in his car racing team that is another part of his regular yearly million dollar earning.

Jeff Gordon has longtime driving contract for  Hendrick Motorsports.

Jeff Gordon Colors And Endorsements

There is an interesting story to Jeff Gordon car paints. His car team is called”The Rainbow Warriors” and DuPont has always been their sponsor. Primarily, team had rainbow color scheme because of the team name, of course. However, afterwards Jeff Gordon changed this color scheme according to current sponsorship. For example, in 1997 he has Jurassic Park scheme, then in 1999 he has Star Wars episode I; The Phantom Menace, Snoopy in 2000, Superman in 2006, etc. Once he had a fan contest for color design and he actually won that race (it was Talladega autumn race). He also presented colors of Nicorette and several DuPont paints such as Cromax Pro. Occasionally, he changes car colors depending on new sponsorship in question.

Jeff Gordon’s Private Life

Jeff Gordon Photos As we have already mentioned in previous text, Jeff Gordon has been married to Brooke Sealey whom he met as Ms. Winston on a race in 1992. They first dated secretly and eventually got married in 1994. They got divorced in 2003. Jeff dated few girls before he met his current wife Ingrid Vandebosch whom he married in 2006. With Ingrid Jeff has 2 children, daughter Ella Sofia born in 2007, and son Leo Benjamin born in August 2010. They live in huge Jeff Gordon house in Charlotte which he got instead of two of his previous most loved properties, huge ranch property in Aspen Colorado and sexy mega condo in New York, Central Park West. It seems that these days Jeff is all about family life and raising his sweet kids!

Jeff Gordon Photos Besides enjoying in fast sports and sweet family life, Jeff is also supporter of several charity causes.  In 1999, he established the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation that works to help children that are chronically ill. In 2007, Jeff Gordon, along with support of celebrities such as Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, etc. founded charity Athletes for hope that provides necessary help and guidance for professional athletes who want to assist in charity causes.

Jeff Gordon is successful sportsman, businessman and a family man, just as Robert De Niro and Jackie Chan. What do you think of Jeff’s devotion to charity work? Please feel free to share.

Jeff Gordon Body Statistics:

  • Jeff Gordon Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 7”
  • Weight: 150
  • Shoe Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown