Jay Leno Net Worth

Jay Leno Net Worth
How much is Jay Leno worth:

  • Full Name: James Douglas Muir Leno
  • Net Worth: $350 Million
  • Occupation: TV host
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Jay Leno Net Worth – Rich And Powerful TV Showman Knows How To Earn Big Bucks

How Did Jay Leno Become Famous On Television?

Jay Leno PicturesJay Leno net worth started building since he first appeared on television, in 1977. Ever since, he has been unreplacable face on talk shows, either being his own talk show, or NBC The tonight show. Hw first worked with extremely popular TV figure, Johnny Carson, as his replacement, and afterwards moved onto solo action, proving that he is completely capable to lead live TV show as a host, thanks to his witty personality and quick engagement of guests in chatting.

Jay Leno has had interviews with everyone who is famous, including Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and even president Barack Obama. Jay has even been called on famous Michael Jackson trial-as a witness!

Jay Leno Is A Car Collector Who Constantly Adds To His Collection

Jay Leno PhotosJay leno car collection is substantial and he doesn’t give up when it comes to continuous adding to it. He is really obsessed with his collecting, and always seeks a new opportunity to add another old car to his huge collection. One can say that he is equally popular for his car collecting business as well as for his TV host career! Of course, with his net worth, and continuous good earning (despite news that his rating is continuously going down) he can afford buying more and more old cars that he restores at one of his famous car repair friends’ garages. We have had the chance to see him appear in some of the shows with these guys, when he would bring one of his old cars for restoration.

Net Worth Of Jay Leno: He Says That He Saves Money From Tonight Show, And Lives Of His Live Acts

Jay Leno PhotosJay Leno is known for his witty approach in TV shows, but he is also known for acting and writing. He appeared in dozen movies, with more or less prominent roles, but has also lent his voice to animated characters. He cooperated with one or two writers to create his biography. This was particularly important during huge controversy about host replacement on the Tonight show, when there was a question weather he will continue appearing on the show, or set aside for Conan O’Brien. People were rallying against him and beside him, and Jay finally commented on all this controversy that this is all business and TV network decision, not his own decision. Now, who would know? What do you think of this controversy? Did Jay just want to keep host role for himself or was it about network? Please feel free to comment.

Jay Leno Is Both Public And Very Private Person

Jay Leno PhotosAlthough Jay Leno has been in a limelight for many years now, there are many things we don’t know about him, especially when it comes to his private, emotional life.

Jay leno wife, Mavis Leno has been married to him for almost 3 decades now, and we didn’t get the chance to see her that much, considering his fame and the fact that public closely follows his activities and life. Jay states that he wants to keep his private life for himself, that his beloved wife doesn’t like fame and wants to be able to lead her life freely, without journalists following her. We can understand that, especially because she is also very active and committed to charity work. She got Jay involved in some of her feminist charity actions, such as Feminist Majority campaign to stop gender discrimination in Afghanistan. They don’t have children, “per mutual agreement”, as he said once.

It can seem that with Jay is competing with David Letterman and Conan o’Brian for public presence, but actually it is obvious that he doesn’t need this, considering net worth Jay Leno has in the bank.

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Jay Leno Body Statistics:

  • Jay Leno Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5’ 11’’
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 12
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye Color: Blue